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Advertising Aug 2015

Registration adAre you wondering why you haven’t seen any Texas State Technical College commercials during the local news, heard our radio ads on your easy listening station, or noticed our ads in your favorite newspaper or magazine? Don’t panic--we haven’t stopped advertising. Actually it’s good that you’re experiencing these things because most of you aren’t supposed to see them.

If you want to see our advertising then transform yourself into an 18 to 34 year old who watches cable television and listens to internet radio. How do we know this? A media habit survey conducted among TSTC students in spring 2015 across all TSTC campuses yielded the following results to help us build a strategic advertising plan:

     - 73% of the respondents were ages 18 to 34
     - 85% have wireless Internet access where they live
     - 82% own a laptop
     - A majority of their favorite shows listed were on cable channels
     - 49% listen to internet radio, 24% listen to traditional radio
     - 71% very often or often spend time listening to music
     - 83% do not read newspapers regularly
     - 82% do not read magazines regularly

    So our strategy for summer was to advertise on cable television channels like ESPN, MTV, AMC, History channel, FX, etc., on Pandora Internet radio (most preferred on the survey), and in local newspapers with quarter-page ads.

    But wait… newspaper ads? Why when 83% of our students don’t read newspapers? We have to remember that our students aren’t the only decision-makers. Influencers, like their parents or teachers, help them make decisions. As a generally older demographic they traditionally read the newspaper. So you will still see some advertising efforts directed towards “traditional” advertising media, but our emphasis will be targeted towards our student demographic.


    How do we know this is working? Here are just a few results from our campaign over summer.

    • Traffic increases to www.tstc.edu (using Google Analytics) in new, major markets
      •  Dallas                       + 651%   1348 to 10,125
      •  Fort Worth                + 187%     389 to 1118
      • Austin                         + 42%     1533 to 2180
      • Houston                      + 311%      2212 to 9107
    • Click through rate (CTR) for Pandora ads were 15.9% higher than their average

      We can see that our advertising efforts are getting people’s attention. And we’re doing that by understanding who our students are and their media habits. This is all a part of data-driven marketing. We’ll continue to use what we know to target our advertising strategies to prospective students using what we know about our current students. So if you’re not seeing our advertising, be comfortable knowing you’re probably not going to if we’re advertising strategically. 

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