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Great Place July 2015


The fifth Texas State Technical College Leadership Institute class decided to help TSTC faculty and staff through the fear of the unknown that was sure to come in the time of transition to Single Accreditation. “The class wanted to remind people that they are not losing their local campus identities but gaining a true statewide family,” said Justin Zuniga, leader of the class project.

Fostering a Culture of Gratitude and Recognition

The faculty and staff of TLI V started by sending a hand-written note to every employee across the state with a special note of thanks for their contribution to the TSTC family. Then, they encouraged the TSTC family to recognize a TSTC team member for going out on a limb and leaving positive impressions with those they serve. Each person recognized received a “leaf” email letting them know who recognized them and why. These leaves were cut into vinyl and affixed to a 12 foot by 16 foot TSTC Value Tree that hangs in the Industrial Technology Center at Waco. The tree and its leaves figuratively represent the behaviors that make TSTC a great place to work when we are living out our TSTC values.

Promoting Family Unity

Posters were created to describe a healthy family environment. These posters were distributed and displayed statewide to encourage TSTC employees to post pictures of themselves and co-workers practicing family values using the hashtag #tstcfamily. Finally, each TSTC employee received a sling-style backpack gift along with a message of thanks for their contribution to the #tstcfamily.

Thanks to the 17 graduates of the fifth class of the TSTC Leadership Institute for helping us to commemorate our unification and celebrating our TSTC family. They have challenged us all to promote family at TSTC and to develop a culture of gratitude and recognition. What will you do in response to this challenge?

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