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Powering Texas July 2015

All-in-all, there were about 140 faculty and trainers who collaborated in April and May to align the program learning outcomes for those programs shared across the Texas State Technical College campuses. They also developed learning outcomes for programs unique to certain TSTC campuses.

Gina Cano-Monreal, TSTC’s Associate Vice President of TSTC Organizational Development & Online Learning explained it the following way: “We offer, for example, wind energy technology at more than one campus and those faculty had to agree on the student learning outcomes. Whether the classes are taught in West Texas or Marshall, the expectation we have of our students remains the same. In total, these TSTC teammates refined the learning outcomes for a total of 171 certificates and degrees. This included 33 shared programs and 138 unique programs.

Curricula Group
Program chairs from Harlingen, Marshall, Waco and West Texas from across numerous programs gathered in Waco April 7-8 for the first official Program Level Student Learning Outcomes Alignment Workshop. Also included in the photo are the trainers responsible for conducting the training and assisting the program chairs with the alignment and writing process.

The bottom line, said Cano-Monreal, “When we set the learning outcomes… it was all about student success.” The technical programs communicate with industry – understanding what expect of TSTC students upon graduation. The new statewide learning outcomes will ensure TSTC students are successful in delivering what industry expects, to the same level of quality at each TSTC location.

Programs across TSTC will begin using the new learning outcomes beginning Fall 2015. The faculty will reconnect in January to analyze the learning outcome results and make plans to improve the program outcomes going forward.

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