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TSTC Advantage

Do you find that people confide in you or turn to you for advice? Or maybe they feel comfortable talking to you about their problems. If so, you may find our Chemical Dependency Counseling program is the perfect choice to build a career around your natural gift. We'll teach you the skills to help those who are recovering from addiction.

The path to recovery can be difficult for many, but our experienced instructors will make sure you have the knowledge you need to handle any situation. Through clinicals, online classes, and face-to-face instruction you can be confident in your abilities in becoming a chemical dependency counselor.

TSTC’s star power prep

  • You’ll have hands-on training at the TSTC campus with opportunities to intern and experience field work with industry partners.
  • You'll receive training through counseling sessions during a 300-hour practicum conducted at a treatment facility.
  • We offer small classes with individualized attention from experienced instructors.
  • You'll learn about both drug and alcohol addiction and how to counsel for each. The foundation of what you'll learn can be applied to many other forms of addiction as well.


Talk about experience: between them, the instructors at TSTC’s have thousands of hours of experience in this field. Some have spent their entire career working with and teaching others about chemical dependency counseling. They work tirelessly to provide each student with the knowledge and one-on-one attention to excel in the program and ultimately their career.

Small class size

At TSTC, our Chemical Dependency Counseling students get one on one attention from our faculty.

This ensures your confidence in performing specific counselor tasks in the workplace.

Hands-on learning

When you enter the Chemical Dependency Counseling program, our instructors want to make sure you get the full experience. They make it a priority to give you tons of hands on learning experiences. They spend most of their time with you in practice sessions so that you can be confident in your abilities.

Advisory Committee

TSTC has placed industry professionals in the driver’s seat with you. Our Advisory Committees determine what is taught and how it is conveyed to you so that the methods and technology TSTC incorporates are the desired, front line solutions.