TSTC is committed to providing highly specialized and advanced technical education that can lead to great career opportunities. We currently offer over 100 certificate and degree programs state-wide.

TSTC students come from more than 100 counties across the state. They arrive right out of high school, transfer from other colleges or from the workforce.

While we are proud that TSTC's education is affordable and a high return on your investment, we realize financial aid is the only option for some students.

At TSTC we understand your ultimate goal is a career you're passionate about and will make you the money you want to enjoy your life! Our goal is to help you be successful.

TSTC has been providing top-quality, career-driven education for Texans for close to 50 years. The college is nationally recognized for the number and quality of our technology graduates.

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TSTC Advantage

Pharmacy technicians are vital to the future of the pharmacy and its customers. Working under the direction of a licensed pharmacist, pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in their daily functions, allowing pharmacists to spend more time addressing patient questions, cross-referencing prescribed medications and interactions, and ensuring that the patient receives the correct drug therapy.

In hospitals, technicians take on added responsibilities such as reading patient charts, preparing medications, delivering prescribed medications to patients, and copying detailed information about those medications onto patient profiles.

Get the TSTC advantage through the pharmacy tech specialization that focuses on the specific skills needed in today's fast-paced, high-volume pharmacy. If you like working with people and enjoy a fast-paced environment – you’ve come to the right place.

What you’ll do!

  • Study the science that deals with the collection, preparation and standardization of drugs and medicines

  • Learn to count, weigh, mix and measure medication

  • Gain the knowledge needed to earn the Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT), a designation through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board

  • Become proficient utilizing the latest industry-standard software programs.

TSTC’s star power prep

  • 3 semesters of intensive classroom and laboratory instruction 

  • Work with standard laboratory glassware and equipment used in today’s pharmacies

  • Learn the necessary patient profiling software and pharmaceutical inventory programs

  • Study the science that deals with the collection, preparation and standardization of drugs and medicines

  • Train under experienced staff with real world industry background guided by an advisory board comprised of field experts

  • Hold a resume-worthy Internship at an area pharmacy

Certification — a necessity

Certified technicians often earn more than those who are non-certified. In addition to earning a certificate from TSTC, graduates can earn the Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) designation through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.  Certified technicians can continue to build knowledge and skills through recertification requirements, which include ongoing professional development every two years.


TSTC’s faculty members have worked in the profession and are certified and registered pharmacy technicians.

TSTC has active member status in the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), which offers member status and CE educational programming to Pharmacy Technicians. TSTC also has faculty that are nationally certified in IV Compounding.

Small class size

At TSTC, our Pharmacy classes average 20 students per class to ensure instructors have time to work with each student.

Hands-on learning

Compared to other colleges, TSTC students spend much more time in work settings, operating the instruments they will use in their respective fields. It’s just one of the many ways TSTC ensures you get the strong training you need to succeed in your career choice.

Advisory Committee

With an advisory committee consisting of current industry professionals who meet at least annually to direct the program’s curriculum, TSTC ensures its programs match industry needs. This partnership makes it easier for TSTC graduates to be work ready and obtain jobs when hiring time arrives. Many major companies understand the important part they play by serving on a TSTC advisory committee. 

As industry professionals, our advisory committees assist the college in determining the courses you study, providing a valuable advantage. They can ensure that what we teach matches what the pharmacy industry is seeking.

In addition to the time spent on actual hands-on work in lab settings, students intern in area pharmacies providing them the additional advantage of actually working in the profession — offering undeniable reasons why employers are attracted to TSTC graduates.