TSTC is committed to providing highly specialized and advanced technical education that can lead to great career opportunities. We currently offer over 100 certificate and degree programs state-wide.

TSTC students come from more than 100 counties across the state. They arrive right out of high school, transfer from other colleges or from the workforce.

While we are proud that TSTC's education is affordable and a high return on your investment, we realize financial aid is the only option for some students.

At TSTC we understand your ultimate goal is a career you're passionate about and will make you the money you want to enjoy your life! Our goal is to help you be successful.

TSTC has been providing top-quality, career-driven education for Texans for close to 50 years. The college is nationally recognized for the number and quality of our technology graduates.

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TSTC Advantage

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on instantaneous, on-demand global communication, opportunity exists for those who can keep the lines open and the messages flowing.

From the transfer of voice, video and data for immediate communication to the use of satellite transmissions for video conferencing … from the infrastructure for the Internet to a variety of other distance learning capabilities, telecommunications technology keeps the world connected.

The Telecommunications program at TSTC provides superior instruction in the latest industry-standard telecommunications skills and equipment.

Once thought of as only telephone wiring and switching, this technology encompasses electronics, computers, fiber optics, broadband transmission and new compression technologies. It includes popular alternatives to traditional telephone service, such as cellular telephones and paging services.

What You’ll Do

  • Design or configure voice and data communications systems, supervise installation, and arrange for post-installation service and maintenance

  • Test and evaluate hardware and software to determine efficiency, reliability or compatibility with existing systems

  • Review and evaluate requests from engineers, managers and technicians for system modifications

  • Provide user support by diagnosing network and device problems, and implementing technical or procedural solutions

  • Instruct in use of voice and data communications systems such as voicemail and videoconferencing systems

  • Implement system renovation projects in collaboration with technical staff, engineering consultants, installers and vendors

  • Implement or perform preventive maintenance, backup or recovery procedures

  • Work with personnel and facilities management staff to install, remove or relocate user connectivity equipment and devices

  • Consult with users, administrators and engineers to identify business and technical requirements for proposed system modifications or technology purchases

  • Assess existing facilities' needs for new or modified telecommunications systems

  • Install, or coordinate installation of, new or modified hardware, software, or programming modules of telecommunications systems

TSTC’s Star Power Prep

  • Five semesters of intensive training in lab settings utilizing equipment and technology used by industry professionals, along with the academics and support courses you need to succeed 

  • Small class size with a strong one-on-one instructional approach

  • Opportunities to gain real hands-on experience by working on industry standard equipment, as well as through an internship or co-ops

  • Experienced staff with industry training guided by an advisory board comprised of field experts


TSTC’s faculty bring to the college years of professional experience in their respective occupations.

Having worked in the field themselves, they know just what employers are seeking and how to equip you with the skills needed to succeed.

Our faculty make individualized instruction a priority in areas of the curriculum such as production operations, field technology, developing new equipment, and the installation and service of existing equipment.

Job Credibility 

Telecommunications graduates can anticipate outstanding career opportunities with many organizations such as private communications companies, public utilities, railroads and more — almost anywhere in the world.

According to the June 2009 edition of Community College Week magazine, TSTC has conferred more Associate degrees than any other public, two-year college in the nation for engineering-related technologies and technicians. Similarly, we’ve presented more Associate degrees within the category of Communication and Information Sciences and Support Services than any other public, two-year college in the state of Texas.

TSTC is an authorized Fujitsu training site for the Fujitsu Certified Network Professional Installer I & II Training and Certification Program. This program provides multimedia training, which includes in-person instruction, videos, computer-based training and hands-on practice in installing telecommunications equipment in an industry simulation of a central office environment.

Small Class Size

At TSTC, our classes average 20 students to ensure instructors have plenty of time to work with them individually.

Hands-on Learning

Compared to other colleges, TSTC students spend a lot less time in the classroom and much more time in work settings, operating the instruments they will use in their respective fields. Students are engaged more than 60 percent of their time in performing the actual work they will do upon graduation. It’s just one of the many ways TSTC ensures you get the depth of instruction you need to succeed in your Telecommunications career.

Advisory Committee

TSTC’s strong programs match industry needs, making it easier for graduates to obtain positions when the time comes to move out into the workforce.

Education by employer design! As industry professionals, our advisory committees assist the college in determining the courses you study, providing a valuable advantage. They can ensure that what we teach matches what industry is seeking.

There are compelling reasons why employers are attracted to TSTC graduates:

  • More than 60 percent of your class time is spent on actual hands-on work in lab settings.

  • Your internship opportunities in actual working environments provide on-the-job experience that is valued by industry employers.

  • TSTC is an authorized Fujitsu training site for the Fujitsu Certified Network Professional Installer I & II Training and Certification Program.