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Grant Madden

Fire Chief, Sweetwater

Health Science rising starFire chief credits TSTC work ethic

Sweetwater Fire Chief Grant Madden believes his college degree from TSTC West Texas exceeded the acquisition knowledge and skills.

“The instructors made me realize that class was more than just a place to gather knowledge,” he said. “It was a place to learn how to handle life situations and how to become a better person.

“The classes were never just ‘Here is the information; learn it for the test,’ but more of a ‘How can we help you learn this so that you can put it to use in your job and life to make you a person capable of doing this line of work?’ That, to me, made a huge difference.”

Madden graduated from the program with top honors, and on the first attempts he passed three state exams with high scores for firefighter and paramedic certification. He remains in contact with his TSTC instructors.


Associate of Applied Science, EMS Paramedic

TSTC West Texas, April 2000

Fire Chief, Sweetwater

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