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Thadeus Burgess

Information Technology rising starTSTC immersion motivated software engineer

Thadeus Burgess absorbed Software Engineering Technology en route to an Associate of Applied Science degree at TSTC in 2009. He became a software engineer with Media Research Labs LLC in Austin, a company that serves clients such as Disney, ESPN and ABC.

“I get involved with various assignments that include programming our internal management dashboard to working extensively with various eye-tracking systems, as well as writing programs that aid in automating the execution and analysis of research,” he said.

The computer fever struck in high school. “My friends and I would always hang out in the computer lab at lunch and work on projects outside of the classroom,” he recalled.

“TSTC has a good reputation for two-year colleges in Texas. I also considered ITT; however, TSTC offered the exact same courses for one-half the tuition price. TSTC trained me to be a leader while working with a team and how to conduct myself as a professional,” he said.


Software Engineering / TSTC Marshall / Spring ‘09

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