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Brooke Bailey

Internet Marketing Manager, Arrow Dealerships, Abilene

Arts A/V & Communications rising starGrad takes internet marketing higher

 Brooke Higginbotham-Bailey took a direct route to Web site development by enrolling at TSTC to focus on that career field without being diverted to classes that served no purpose in reaching her goal.

“I continue to study and learn new software because with technology you cannot ever stop learning or you become obsolete,” she said. “As I gain more experience, I will take my Web sites to newer and higher levels. I know that if there is something I cannot figure out on my own I can return to TSTC for education on the newest technologies.”

She began work for Arrow Dealerships in 2001, and in the marketing and advertising department she realized the growing role of the Internet on the automotive industry. Building www.arrowdealerships.com turned into one of her TSTC projects. Today, she develops, designs, programs and maintains multiple Web sites for Arrow Dealerships and clients of Arrow Group Marketing, and she is system administrator for the dealership’s client management software.



Associate of Applied Science, Web Development

TSTC West Texas, 2007

Internet Marketing Manager, Arrow Dealerships, Abilene

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