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Staff Directory
Last, FirstTitleVoice
Anderberg, Marc C4EO - Center for Employability Outcomes 512-647-8788
Atkins, Bobby Help Desk Associate Analyst 800-592-8784
Baker, Carol Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
Ball, Angela HOD Executive
Barden, Katherine "Ann" Coordinator of Foundation Relations 254-867-3995
Barron, Rachelle Director of Educational Services 254-867-2372
Beach, Karen The TSTC Foundation 254-867-3013
Bettersworth, Michael Vice Chancellor, Chief Policy Officer 512-647-8790
Bredemeyer, Terry Enterprise System Administrator 254-867-3964
Bredemeyer, Tracy Assistant Director of Educational Effectiveness 254-867-3941
Buchak, Tom Field Support Tech II 254-867-3987
Bullard, Julianna HOD Associate
Canaris, Charlene Accountant 254-867-3916
Collatos, Rick Executive Director Infrastructure 254-867-3905
Contella, Kelly Interim Director of HOD
Curtis, Melissa Senior HOD Associate 254-867-2378
Dodge, Carla Senior Payroll Associate 254-867-2365
Dudik, Jan Accountant 254-867-3937
Duffey, Sheayla Comptroller 254-867-2380
Falkner, April Programmer Analyst II 254-867-3945
Flanigan, Jordan System Application Analyst 254-867-3947
Frields, Beverly Accountant 254-867-3951
Garza, Cecilia P. Staff Auditor 956-364-4258
Gooden, Jeni Advancement Executive 254-867-3928
Guilbeaux, Kristi The TSTC Foundation 512-422-7048
Hendricks, J. Gary Vice Chancellor, Business Intelligence
Herrera, Rick Vice Chancellor, Chief Technology Officer 956-364-4052
Hoekstra, Jonathan Vice Chancellor, Finance
Hooker, Tom Risk Management Analyst 254-867-4897
Johnston, Madelynne
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor 254-867-4891
Kacmarynski, Elizabeth Administrative Assistant
Karl, Heather Senior HOD Associate 254-867-2369
Kennedy, John Development Director for Institutional Advancement (Central Texas) 281-610-2239
Kilgore, Jeff Vice Chancellor, Institutional Advancement 254-867-3984
Knight, Anita TSTC Foundation 254-652-8939
Laforce, Donald Inf Tech Security Analyst 254-867-3924
Loa, George Programmer/Analyst I 254-867-2374
Luce, Hannah The TSTC Foundation
Macik, Lillian Secretary of Board of Regents, Manager of Administrative Support 254-867-4893
Maler, Jay HOD Executive - Compliance & Reporting 254-867-3953
Mallory, Jason Director of Audits 254-867-3999
Marak, Debby Dept. Secretary, Field Development 254-867-3128
Martin, Richard Director of Information Security and Compliance
McMichael, Marlene Associate Vice Chancellor for Government Affairs
Menefee, Scott Software Application Developer 254-867-3948
Miller, Roger Vice Chancellor, External Relations 512-647-8792
Morgan, Rose HOD Associate 254-867-3933
Nors, Chris Accountant 254-867-3967
Pena, Tahlia Staff Auditor 956-364-4257
Podsednik, Kathy Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor 254-867-3963
Pursche, Judy Project Manager 254-867-4896
Pursley, Ron Web Applications Developer 254-867-3389
Reeser, Mike Chancellor 254-867-4891
Rowe, Pete The TSTC Foundation 254-867-3954
Rushing, Ray General Counsel 254-867-4893
Russell-Suri, Cathy Colleague Programmer Analyst 254-867-3903
Sanders, Ron Senior Business Analyst 254-867-3978
Scherwitz, Shelli Executive Director Support Operations 325-235-7425
Scott, Brandy Staff Auditor 254-867-3998
Shafer, Susan Associate General Counsel 254-867-3925
Shipp, Devera Professional Development Officer 254-867-3955
Smith, Eliska Associate Vice Chancellor of Strategic Communications 254-867-3049
Smith, Valeri The TSTC Foundation 254-867-2038
Sonnenberg, Karen Associate Director of Payroll 254-867-3991
Sorrells, Jerry Coordinator of Records Management 254-867-3922
Srubar, Albert Comptroller 254-867-3956
Stone, Susan Supervisor of Accounting 254-867-3950
Stuckly, Elton Vice Chancellor, Chief Operations Officer 254-867-3963
Threlkeld, Julie Project Manager
Tidwell, Shela Project Manager
Tunnicliffe, Laura Executive Assistant to Vice Chancellor 254-867-3929
Vaughan, Kasie Resource Development Office Coordinatior
Volney, Cindy HOD Advisor 254-867-2371
Vonderhoya, Susan Project Manager 254-867-3961
Weeden, Bell Assoc. Vice Chancellor, Financial Analysis & Budget
Wells, Robert Programmer/Analyst II 254-867-3939
White, Shannon Web Application Developer I
Wooten, Beth Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Development 254-867-3940

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