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Educational Services
SOS Number Subject PDF
ES.1.01 Intellectual Property PDF  
ES.1.02 Faculty Evaluation PDF  
ES.1.06 Academic Freedom and Responsibility PDF  
ES.1.07 Faculty Ranking PDF  
ES.1.15 Faculty Expectations and Workload PDF  
SOS Number Subject PDF
ES.2.05 Termination of Regular Instructional Programs PDF  
ES.2.08 Continuing Education and Custom Training PDF  
ES.2.09 Institutional Review Board
ES.2.10 Credit Award for Assessments and Training PDF  
ES.2.11 Copyright Compliance PDF  
SOS Number Subject PDF
ES.3.01 Student Government PDF  
ES.3.02 Scholastic Standards PDF  
ES.3.05 Alcohol/Drug Possession and Use PDF  
ES.3.07 Developmental Education Programs PDF  
ES.3.08 Drug-Free Schools & Campuses and Work Place PDF  
ES.3.09 Graduate Guarantee PDF  
ES.3.10 Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act PDF  
ES.3.11 Auditing of Courses PDF  
ES.3.13 Criteria for Scholastic Honors PDF  
ES.3.14 Use of Student Images and Signatures for Promotion or Advertising  PDF  
ES.3.20 Student Activities Budget Advisory Committee PDF  
ES.3.21 Student/Employee Organizations PDF  
ES.3.22 Student Travel PDF  
SOS Number Subject PDF
ES.4.01 Admission & Enrollment of International Students PDF  
ES.4.03 Conducting Classes with Less Than Ten Students PDF  
ES.4.06 Grading System PDF  
ES.4.07 Admission of Students PDF  
ES.4.08 Ex-Student Follow-Up and Relationship PDF  
ES.4.11 Student Absences on Religious Holy Days PDF  
ES.4.13 Changing a Grade on a Student's Permanent Academic Record PDF  
ES.4.14 Substitution of Continuing Education Courses for Courses Taken for Credit PDF  
ES.4.15 Repeat Courses PDF  
ES.4.17 Requirements for Graduation PDF  
ES.4.22 Student Attendance Records PDF  
ES.4.23 Calculation of Student Grade Point Averages PDF  
ES.4.24 Determination of Good Cause for Course Drops PDF  
ES.4.25 Regulatory Reporting and Student Educational Services PDF  

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