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About MGT

MGT is a national research and consulting firm founded and incorporated in 1974 in Tallahassee, Florida. Since their inception, the firm has grown to include regional offices in Austin, Texas: Olympia, Washington; Bay City, Michigan; and Sacramento, California. Over the past 38 years, MGT has successfully managed more than 5,000 client engagements in every state and several foreign countries. More than 50% of their engagements are with repeat clients. TSTC Harlingen issued a request for proposals for a compensation study for all of TSTC. Six firms responded to a request for proposals ad were interviewed by a system-wide team who selected MGT on the basis of:

  • Approach – Did the RFP detail a clear and understandable approach to the project? And were there unique and/or appropriate resources that the firm would bring regarding innovative techniques?  Did the proposer have an understanding of college-related issues and employee relations?

  • Profile – The professional reputation of the firm based on the quality of the reference list and overall impression of the RFP response

  • Experience and qualifications including the following considerations:

  • Team compatibility, including the ability to work with college staff based on the experience and qualifications of the specific team members the proposer will assign to this project;
  • Relevant experience with similar-sized public institutions; and the
  • Ability to conduct the project and produce the desired work product based on the experience and qualifications of the specific team members the proposer will assign to this project.
  • Cost proposal & time line – The proposed pricing and overall cost to TSTC to acquire the proposer’s services.

The MGT team members assigned to the TSTC Compensation Study (MGT of America, 2012) including those:

  • Recognized as experts in the fields of higher education, human resource management, and classification and compensation.

  • Experienced in conducting and implementing classification and compensation studies related to human resource programs and services.

  • Experienced with multi-campus operations and creating compensation programs to meet needs.

  • Experienced in understanding the Texas education environment.

MGT PROJECT DIRECTOR     Ms. Nancy Stepina-Robison
MGT TEAM LEADER    Mr. Mark Carpenter
MGT CONSULTANT TEAM    Mr. Robert Holloway, Ms. Sheena Hortn, Ms. Flominda Gabriel, and Mr. Hank Townsend

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