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Professional Development Opportunities

We at the Texas State Technical Colleges understand that ongoing system wide professional development is the key to fulfilling the mission entrusted to us by the taxpayers and the legislature of the State of Texas. Effective technical training to develop the future workforce of Texas can only come from people whose professional and personal development needs are being served. Serving those needs is a critical part of the mission of Human and Organization Development (HOD).

Through the TSTC System HOD office, we develop and provide frequently requested training to meet our colleges' needs. Additional topics, programs, and interventions may also be addressed and implemented to suit any work group's unique requirements. In addition to development services provided by System Operations, each TSTC college produces and hosts offerings at their sites through their professional development staffs.

TSTC actively promotes and rewards life long learning and strongly supports professional development on an individual study basis for job-relevant skills, for both faculty and staff PDF .

Upon request, staff will conduct organization development training and interventions to improve institutional performance.

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