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Records Transmittal and Destruction Authorization


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Step 1. Enter the Agency Item Number from Field 5 of the Records Retention Schedule (RRS).

Step 2. Enter the Record Series Title from Field 6 of the RRS.

Step 3. Enter the Total Retention Period from Field 7 of the RRS.

Step 4. Enter the beginning and ending dates of the records.

Step 5. Enter the volume.

Step 6. Indicate the appropriate method of final disposition:

I - Transfer to Archive (Archival Code in Field 8 of the RRS)

O - Review by Archivist before destruction

SH - Shred by staff (Security Code in Field 9 of the RRS)

BD - Bulk disposal by certified vendor (recycling for non-confidential records, shredding for confidential records).

E - Magnetic media (erase, degaussing, data wiping and physical destruction). Example = E-erase or E-degaussing, etc.

R - Recycle (non-confidential records)

T - Transfer to Storage (onsite/offsite)

Step 7. After approval, transfer or dispose of the records as appropriate.

Step 8. Add the disposition date on the form and send a completed copy to the College Records Manager.

Disposition date = Actual date sent to Archivist, handed over to certified vendor for bulk disposal, erased, etc., tossed in recycle, shred by staff, transfer to storage.

The Department Head and College Records Manager must approve the transfer or disposition of all agency records.

Destruction of agency records requires Authorization from the System Records Management Officer (RMO).


QUESTIONS? Contact the appropriate college records manager or the system records management officer.

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