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Records Retention Schedule

The Records Retention Schedule (RRS) lists all records created or received by an agency, and specify how long they are to be retained by the agency before destruction or archival preservation as outlined by government regulations, administrative rules and Texas State Technical College.

Some records in this schedule are transferred to offsite record storage for archival preservation after they are no longer needed at the agency site. Other records are subject to archival review for historical value by an agency archivist before they are disposed--indicated in Field 8 on the approved RRS.

This retention schedule provides legal protection to the agency when destroying records.

The destruction of records series not listed on the RRS requires the Authorization of the TSTC Records Management Officer and submittal of the form RMD102 REQUEST FOR AUTHORITY TO DISPOSE OF STATE RECORDS Word DOC icon to the Texas State Library - State and Local Records Management Division. Please notify the College Records Manager before disposal of records listed on the approved RRS.

When converting from one medium to another during the life cycle of records (e.g.,paper documents stored in an imaging system) all electronic records must be linked and verified prior to the destruction of originals.

TSTC must submit a complete records retention schedule every three years, on Form SLR 105 or an approved facsimile, to the State and Local Records Management Division of the Texas Library and Archives Commission (Government Code, Section 441.185). TSTC's unique records series are included in this schedule, as well as common state agency records.

Amendments to this official, recertified retention schedule are updated on the Records Retention Schedule-Expanded.

The Records Retention Schedule-Expanded, as recommended by Texas State Library and Archives Commission, was created to meet the requirements of the TSTC records management and disaster planning programs. The expanded schedule contains fields of information not available in the above approved records retention schedule. Those fields include the following information: confidential or open records, medium and vital status must be made available to TSTC employees.

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