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Training Offerings

A vast array of professional development offerings for both faculty and staff are provided and/or hosted by TSTC System Operations and College professional development officers. Should you need additional information about a specific listing below, please contact the applicable development officer.


Access Basics Harlingen
Achieve Global Training System Operations, Waco, West Texas
Advising and Learning Styles Harlingen
Advising for Student Success Harlingen
Americans with Disabilities Act Harlingen
Applying Mediation Principles to Management West Texas
Articulation Process Harlingen
Benefit Review Harlingen
Colleague Data Retrieval for Instruction Harlingen
Colleague for New Instructors Harlingen
College recruitment for employees Waco
Completing Evaluation Forms Harlingen
Conflict Management Harlingen, System Operations
Connections Customer Service Training Harlingen
Customer Service Communications System Operations
Customer Service Evaluation System Operations
Customer Service Handbook System Operations
Customer Service Main Presentation System Operations
Customer Service Notes System Operations
Customer Service Post Test System Operations
Customer Service Pre Test System Operations
Customer Service Training Harlingen, System Operations
Customer Service Work Ethic System Operations
Dealing with Holiday Stress Harlingen
Defensive Driving West Texas
Development Day Harlingen, Waco, West Texas
Disney Institute Keys to Excellence Waco
Disney Institute Team Creativity Waco
Diversity Training Marshall, Waco
Document Imaging Training System Operations
Effective Performance Evaluations System Operations
Email Presentation System Operations
Employee Commitment System Operations
Employee of the Month Program West Texas
Ergonomics System Operations
Ergonomics in the Workplace West Texas
Ethics Training Harlingen, System Operations, Waco
Evaluation/Supervisor Training West Texas
Excel Training Harlingen
Facilitator Training Waco
FERPA System Operations
Fifteen Passenger Van Training Waco
File Management Harlingen
FISH! Philosophy West Texas
Front Page Training Harlingen
Generational Differences Training Waco
Group Wise Training Waco, Harlingen, Marshall
Handling Conflict System Operations
Higher education opportunities West Texas
Hiring Manager/AMS Training Harlingen, Marshall, System Operations, Waco, West Texas
Hiring Process Harlingen
How Staff can help Incorporate Critical Thinking Harlingen
How to Do a Requisition Harlingen
How to Surf Colleague with regard to Requisitions, POs and vouchers Harlingen
Interpersonal Conflict System Operations
Interviewing Presentation System Operations
IRS/Earned Income Tax Credit Waco
IT Matters Marshall
Learning2Lead System Operations
Making the Grade Harlingen
Making the Most of Your Time Harlingen
Mediation Training Marshall, System Operations, West Texas
Merging in Word Harlingen
Microsoft Office Training West Texas
My TSTC Marshall
New Employee Orientations Harlingen, Marshall, Waco, West Texas
Open Records Request Training System Operations
Organizational Communication System Operations
PC Tune-Up Harlingen
Peer Evaluator Training System Operations, Waco
Performance Evaluation Marshall
Performance Objective Exercise System Operations
Placement Process Training Harlingen
Portal Training System Operations
Power Point Training Harlingen
Professional Development Days Harlingen, Waco, West Texas
Professional Development Overview System Operations
Professional Growth Plan Training Harlingen
Purchasing Deregulation & Empowerment System Operations
Purchasing Training West Texas
Records Management Training System Operations, West Texas
Round Table Facilitator Training Waco
Scanner Basics Harlingen
Secretarial Travel Training for Beginners Harlingen
Sexual Harassment Training Harlingen, Marshall, System Operations, Waco, West Texas
Smart Board and Data Projector Harlingen
Standard Operating Procedures for Identifying Post-Sec. Tech Prep Students Harlingen
Stress Management Harlingen
Supervisory Training Harlingen, System Operations, Waco, West Texas
Tegrity Technology Waco
Time Management Waco
Time Management for Probationer West Texas, System Operations
Travel Training for Travelers Harlingen
Travel Training for TSTC West Texas
Unit Action Plan Computer Application Training Harlingen
Unit Action Planning: Preparing Goals Harlingen
Unit Safety Officer Training Waco
Web Advisor for Instruction Harlingen
Wellness Website Harlingen
Who Moved my Cheese? West Texas
Wind Leadership Training West Texas
Word Training Harlingen


Active Learning for Individual Students Harlingen, West Texas
Analysis of Objective Tests Harlingen
Analyzing Objective Tests Harlingen
Assessing Learning Outcomes Marshall
Assessment of Teamwork West Texas
CETL Website, www.harlingen.tstc.edu/cetl/index.aspx Harlingen
Changing Expectations, Shifting Responsibilities -- Learning as a Partnership West Texas
Classroom Safety Marshall
Cooperative and Collaborative Learning Harlingen
Course Development Process West Texas
Critical Thinking -- The Elements, the Standards and Rubrics Harlingen
Critical Thinking -- Using the Elements and Standards in the Classroom Harlingen
Critical Thinking Framework Harlingen
Critical Thinking Resources Harlingen
Dealing with Difficult Student Behaviors Harlingen
Departmental Orientations West Texas
Distance Learning/ITV Training West Texas
Diversity Training specific to VN Program West Texas
Effective Instructor Skills System Operations
"Engage Life?Get Back in the Game" -- Instructional Division Retreat West Texas
Engaging Students from the First Day Harlingen
Faculty Training on Employability Skills for Students West Texas
Faculty Wiki - TSTC_WeTeach West Texas
First Day Class Presentation System Operations
Flash Training (for use in teaching online) West Texas
General Orientation for all new employees, including administration and staff Harlingen, Marshall, Waco, West Texas
Groupwise Training/IT help Marshall
Instructional Resource Dev. Subcommittee (IRDS) Workshop (each semester) West Texas
Instructor Level Certification Course Harlingen
Instructor Training Academy Waco
Learner Support Services/Developmental Education/Financial Aid Marshall
Lesson Plan template System Operations
Library Training Marshall
Microsoft Office Training West Texas
Monthly Brown Bag "Best Practices in Development Studies" Series Harlingen
Moving from Teacher-Centered to Learner-Centered West Texas
New Faculty Boot Camp Waco
New Faculty Orientation (Fall and Spring) Marshall
New Faculty Orientation and Training (54 hours) West Texas
Oral Questioning for Higher Order Thinking Harlingen
Preparing an Effective Professional Growth Plan Harlingen
Recruitment Training Marshall
Retention/Customer Service/Marketing/Publishing Marshall
Round Table Wrap-Up for New Faculty Marshall
Self-Directed Learning Model Harlingen
SmartBoard Training Marshall
So What's Assessment Really All About -- Learning or Grade Earning? West Texas
Starlink videoconferences broadcast monthly Harlingen,Marshall, Waco, West Texas
Student Advising Marshall
Teaching Methodology Marshall
Teaching to Students' Learning Style Harlingen
Tracking professional development through compliance software Marshall
TSI Training Marshall
TSTC Teaching Documents Harlingen
Use of Active Learning Techniques in the Classroom (Foundations) West Texas
Using Power Point as an Instructional Tool Harlingen
Web CT Training Harlingen, Marshall, Waco, West Texas
Whazzup with the Millennial Generation? Harlingen
Writing Objective Tests Harlingen
Writing Performance Tests Harlingen
Writing Professional Growth Plans Harlingen
Writing Rubrics Harlingen
Writing Subjective Tests Harlingen

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