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Study Updates

July 19, 2013 Update: Results are in

Together with the Chancellor and other colleges presidents, I am pleased to announce the completion of the TSTC Compensation Study. MGT of America, Inc. conducted the classification and compensation study for full-time faculty and staff positions. Being a complete compensation study, the study included a comparison of benefit packages.

TSTC selected MGT through a competitive RFP process.  Additionally, MGT has conducted more than 5,500 studies across all 50 states and has deep experience specifically working with higher education.

We extend our appreciation for your contributions to the study. More than 70% of our employees completed a JCQ (Job Content Questionnaire), which provided valuable input for consideration within the study. Indeed, the project timeline was extended to ensure we received a comprehensive report comparing our positions with sources from both industry and higher education.

Based on the compensation philosophy of TSTC’s management team and the data collected by MGT, the compensation report recommends the following phased priorities be established:

  • All employees should be brought to the minimum of their new pay grade.
  • All employees with five or more years of service should be brought to the market point (mid-range) of their pay grade as soon as fiscally possible.
  • All remaining adjustments be completed based on a time schedule established by the college.

We have committed to ensuring all employees are at least at the minimum of their pay grade and budgeted accordingly in the fiscal year 2014 budgets, which are pending approval by the Board of Regents in August. Compensation study sessions will be held on each campus to discuss our long-term commitment to the implementation of the report beginning the week of Augusts 19. Once the general information sessions have concluded, individual meetings will be offered to each employee, specifically detailing how the study results will impact you within your current position.

Having an updated and comprehensive compensation plan will position TSTC as a leader in the recruitment and retention of qualified and experienced workforce. We have appreciated your patience while the study was underway, and look forward to distributing the report next month.

April 24, 2013 Update: Additional time due to our complexity

The leadership teams at our colleges had expected we would have the results of the salary survey by now.  I would like to assure you that the study is ongoing and getting closer to completion every day.  The timeline originally submitted by the consultant group was based on their previous experience with clients and did not take into consideration how complex the TSTC structure is for both our faculty and staff.  
We have more than 300 unique staff titles alone, in addition to the wide variety of both technical and academic programs throughout the system.  Your leadership teams are committed to extending the timeline on the project, in an effort to allow the consultant group to produce a report that will represent the TSTC environment and compare each position to both industry and higher education peers.  

I appreciate your patience as we work through the remainder of the study.  We are committed to obtaining a study that considers the numerous variables within the TSTC workforce, even if it takes several months. 

February 8, 2013 Update: Accuracy is first priority

The Board of Regents meeting has concluded in Harlingen, and I want to provide you a status update on the compensation study. I intended to present the study results to the Board this week, however, the data collection is not yet complete. MGT, the company conducting the study, continues to perform market comparisons for both our faculty and staff. Although we are behind schedule, it is important to provide MGT the extra time to ensure an accurate comparison to both industry and higher education benchmarks.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor and the Presidents have made significant progress in developing our compensation philosophy so we will have a framework in which to address compensation issues that are identified in the study.

I want to thank you for your participation in the study. MGT reported that 70% of TSTC employees completed the JCQ (job content questionnaire), which according to their experience is an above average response.

I appreciate your continued patience and will provide you periodic updates as we progress through this study.

December 3, 2012 Update: Data is being crunched

The compensation study we contracted with MGT to perform for us is well underway. As you recall, all employees were asked to participate in a Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ). This survey, along with management information papers, are allowing MGT to review employee job duties and relevant external market pay and benefits data against current employee compensation. MGT is presently performing the salary study and identifying appropriate data sources, competitive recruitment markets, and performing the benefits survey.  Meanwhile members of management are defining the College’s compensation philosophy, mission, goals, and objectives so we can develop future compensation strategies as long-term solutions.

In an email dated Dec. 3, 2012, from Vice Chancellor of Human and Organization Development, Gail Lawrence expressed to all TSTC employees:

We’ve recently enjoyed a time of Thanksgiving when we are able to join together with family and friends, pause and reflect on the people and things that are important to us. Likewise, the TSTC management team wanted to you to be reminded of how important you are to us, and most importantly to the students and industries we serve.

In your December 3 paycheck, those employees who were eligible to receive the 3% raise, will no doubt notice your new rate of pay. The TSTC management and our Board of Regents are pleased to be able to budget for this across-the-board increase.

Additionally, we wanted to remind you we are working on a long-term solution to ensure TSTC’s compensation strategy results in a fair total compensation package for all employees.

We are committed to updating you as phases of the compensation study and plan are accomplished. In addition to keeping you informed through email and through your college leaders, our compensation strategy status updates can be found here at the HOD website at: www.tstc.edu/systemoffice/yourpay.

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