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Compensation Study

About the Compensation Study

An employee satisfaction survey in Spring 2012 revealed the top concern of TSTC employees was their rate of pay. While generally satisfied with their benefit package, 43% felt they were not paid fairly and more than 52% of employees either disagreed or strongly disagreed with the statement: “My salary is competitive with similar jobs I might find elsewhere.”

To better understand the current situation and respond to realities, TSTC management identified the need to perform a compensation study reviewing comparable rates of pay in our respective recruiting markets. TSTC management contracted with MGT of America to work with TSTC on a compensation study that includes employee and supervisor input. Additionally, a 3% across the board pay raise was given in the fall 2012 to eligible employees.

This summer, TSTC began conducting a classification and compensation study for all TSTC positions system-wide.  We introduced this study in August 2012 and began collecting essential organizational data in September and October.   

This study has been a major undertaking for TSTC and has been conducted by the selected external consulting firm, MGT of America, Inc. with the support of the Human and Organizational Development departments and the executive management of the colleges. 

During the course of the study, TSTC employees were invited and encouraged to participate in the Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ) survey that was discussed in the September 2012 open forums and made available in both online and paper formats. The purpose of the survey was to gather important job-related information for each position.  The data gathered is being used to evaluate job classifications and perform comparative compensation studies. Thank you to all of those who participated in the JCQ survey, and to the managers who submitted management information papers.  Your input and time will be a pivotal aspect of the success of this study.  

Further, each job classification is being thoroughly evaluated to identify appropriate benchmarks in the recruitment market to assess competitive compensation for TSTC’s positions in each of our regions.  This is a complicated process that includes the input and direction of your HOD leaders and management.

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