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Grading Standards

TSTC West Texas has identified a *Critical Success Factor where students are expected to master knowledge and skills that meet state-defined and industry-validated career and technical skill standards.  

TSTC West Texas measures student achievement of skills, knowledge, and competencies through a system of grading standards. Four grades (A, B, C, D) indicate that credit was received and a grade was awarded. One mark (CR) indicates that credit was received but no grade was awarded. One grade (F) and various other marks indicate that no credit was received and no grade was awarded.

The following system of final grades and marks is used by TSTC West Texas to report student performance for each course attempted and/or credited toward graduation.

Grade Interpretation Grade Points
A Excellent/Superior Performance Level 4
B Above Required Performance Level 3
Average Required Performance Level 2
Below Required Performance Level   1  
F Failure to Meet Performance Requirements 0


Pass/Meets Required Performance Level (For use in a developmental course
or a specialized course and may be used, at the discretion of a college, for up
to six credit hours in a program.)
Not Computed




In Progress (For use when a student has not had sufficient time to complete the
course due to the registration date, extended illness, or other circumstances beyond
the student’s control. A grade of IP will be changed to a grade of F if the student does
not complete the course requirements by a date specified by the faculty member
or within one year, whichever is less.)
Not Computed




Incomplete-Military Leave (For use by students who are called to active military
service near the end of a term. A grade of IM will be changed to a grade of W
if the student does not complete the course requirements within two years
of the date the IM grade was awarded.)
Not Computed


W Withdrawal Not Computed


Credit (represents credit for courses that are accepted toward program completion
and graduation as a result of transfer from other institutions or programs, advanced
standing evaluation, credit by examination, articulation agreements, or other
validations of course-required knowledge and skills)
Not Computed


AUD Audit of Course Not Computed
S Satisfactory (for use in Continuing Education courses and programs) Not Computed
UN Unsatisfactory (for use in Continuing Education courses and programs) Not Computed
X No Grade Assigned Not Computed
FA Failing (prior to September 1988) 0
I Incomplete (prior to September 1988) Not Computed
U Unsatisfactory (prior to September 1988) 0
WF Withdrew Failing (prior to September 1988) 0
WP Withdrew Passing (prior to September 1988) Not Computed

*CSF 8: Technical Skills Standard

Grading systems for continuing education and workforce training programs may be somewhat different from those described in this section. Contact the TSTC West Texas Corporate College/Workforce Training Division for more information.

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