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Foundations Courses Offered

The following list includes courses offered by our foundations faculty. Not all these courses will be offered every semester, but are representative of the types of courses that will be on the schedule each semester.

DMTH 0010 - Supplemental Math Activities

This lab supplements the embedded mathematics course.

DMTH 0803 - Mathematics Lab

This course reviews the fundamentals of mathematics which include operations with whole numbers, number theory, fractions, decimals, percents, basic geometry, ratios, proportions, units of measure, and problem solving involving the above concepts.  In addition, this course gives students an introduction to the fundamentals of algebra.  The topics covered include formulas and applications of algebra, graphing, and systems of equations.  A major emphasis is placed on solving equations of one variable.  The course also involves solving word problems and inequalities.

DMTH 0200 - Intermediate Algebra

This course is designed to continue the fundamental concepts of algebra.  Algebraic fractions, exponents, polynomials, factoring, radicals, quadratic equations, and complex numbers will be studied.

INRW 0010 - Supplemental Reading and Writing Activities

This lab supplements the embedded reading and writing course.

INRW 0200 - Integrated Reading and Writing

This course is an integration of critical reading and academic writing skills.

READ 0200 - Reading Skills II

This course develops effective reading skills required for general education classes.  Students will utilize employability skills of critical thinking and work ethic.

WRIT 0200 - Writing Skills II

This course develops basic writing skills and thinking processes required for writing essays in the general education courses.  This is a fundamental writing course which focuses on the development of fundamental writing skills such as idea generation, organization, style, utilization of standard English, and revision.

Career Cornerstone (NCBM, NCBI)

The Career Cornerstone refreshers are short sessions with Developmental Education faculty intended to help students prepare for the TSI Assessment.  

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