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Kay Johnson - 325.734.3630
Mayra Juarez - 325.236.8206
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Julia Humphrey - 325.734.3612
Abilene Campus

Patricia Reid - 254.559.7720
Breckenridge Campus

Charlotte Tongate - 325. 641. 3901
Brownwood Campus

Jennifer Rosas - 325.235.7338
Sweetwater Campus

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TSTC is located off I-35 North at exit 342A, just north of Waco
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Behavioral Intervention Team

Proactively promoting
a safe working, learning and living campus community.

The goal of the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is to aid in developing support plans to encourage student health, well-being and academic success by an active process of threat assessment and behavioral intervention.

Are you concerned about a student's physical or mental health?  Has a student disrupted your class or caused you to worry about future actions?  Please report a situation, observation or instinct that tells you to be concerned about a student's safety and/or the safety of the campus community.

If you have concerns about a fellow classmate, report the incident to the appropriate person on your campus.  See the list of campus contacts below.  In the event of an emergency, call 911. If you are at the Sweetwater campus, call the TSTC Sweetwater Police Department at 325.235.7400. 

Abilene Team Members  

  • Daniel Latham – Counselor, 325.738.3319
  • Debbie Karl – Assoc. VP – Student Learning, 325.734.3640
  • Forrest McMillan – Interim VP, Student Development, 325.734.3600

Breckenridge Team Members

  • Daniel Latham – Counselor, 254.559.7715
  • Cassandra Love – Admissions and Records, Admissions Advisor - 254.559.7713
  • Patty Bundick – Chemical Dependency Counselor, 254.559.7721
  • Sherry Strickland – Assoc. VP – Enrollment Management, 254.559.7707  

Brownwood Team Members

  • Carminia Del Toro – Vocational Counselor, 325.641.3917
  • Joni Wallace – Instructor, 325.641.5956
  • Michele Richards - Maintenance, 325.641.3928

Sweetwater Team Members  

  • Amy Freeman – Director, Counseling and Testing, 325.236.8292
  • Crystal Latham-Alford, Director, Student Life, 325.235.7396
  • Lupe Navarrette – Housing Supervisor, 325.235.7368
  • Mike Keller – Chief of Police, 325.236.8230


Signs of distress

Threats of violence include, but are not limited to:

  • Endangers the safety of any employee, student, or visitor;
  • Has an impact on an individual’s physical and/or psychological well-being;
  • Causes damage to personal or college property;
  • Creates a hostile campus environment.


  • History of aggression/violence/bullying;
  • Specific/detailed threats to harm another;
  • Destruction of personal and/or school property;
  • Recent attempts to secure weapons;
  • A pattern of poor interpersonal relationships;
  • Defiance of authority;
  • Recent attempts/talks of suicide;
  • Involvement with hate groups or criminal gangs;
  • Frequently angry or easily frustrated.

Personality Traits

  • Drug/alcohol abuse;
  • Mental health issues;
  • Socially isolated;
  • Recent problems at home/school/work;
  • Extreme paranoia/suspicion;
  • Recent serious attacks to self-esteem.

Student Issues

Protocols have been established and are in use by the Associate Vice President of Student Development's Office for the following occurrences:

  • Disruptive behavior/physical assault;
  • Threats of harm;
  • Sexual Harassment;
  • Racially motivated or bias disturbance on campus;
  • Possession of a weapon;
  • Other violations of the Code of Student Conduct.

 Remember, if it is an emergency, call 911 or TSTC Sweetwater Campus Police at 325.235.7400. 

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