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Information Literacy

What is Information Literacy? 

Information Literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, use, create and disseminate information. It has the following components:

Tool literacy

Using the tools of information technology, especially computers and mobile devices and their applications.

Resource literacy

Knowing which resources contain the information content being sought, such as specialized libraries or full-text databases.

Contextual literacy

Understanding how information is created, produced and used within such places as schools, government agencies and in the workplace.

Research literacy

The ability to plan and execute a strategy for finding specific information by applying methods of information-based research.

Publishing literacy 

The ability to format and present in print or electronically textual and multimedia the results of research and ideas in order to introduce them to the public or a community of scholars, researchers, business communities or public, or private interest groups.

Emerging technology literacy

The ability to continuously adapt to, understand, evaluate and make use of innovations in information technology, such as social networking, or Web 2.0 applications, and to incorporate them into existing organizational information systems.

Critical literacy

The ability to assess the quality, value, accuracy, relevance and usefulness of information.

What is Copyright?

Copyright law is designed to protect the intellectual property rights for written works, music, video and images. Copyrighted materials can, however, be used with certain restrictions. This restricted use is called “fair use” and is an important exemption to the creator’s control over the use of published materials.  For more detailed information about TSTC's copyright policy, click here.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the practice of copying someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. In academia, publishing and journalism, it is considered dishonest and is subject to non-legal penalties, unless it also violates copyright law. In order to avoid plagiarism, authors must give credit to originators by using standardized forms of citations that are part of style sheets. 

What are Bibliographic Citations?

The purpose of citing the work of another author is to give proper credit to its creator and to enable the researcher to find the work cited in order to verify the accuracy and interpretation of what is quoted or referred to. It thus is a check on the false attribution and misleading use of information.

Citations are highly standardized according to guides known as Style Sheets, such as MLA, Chicago, Turabian. Each Style Sheet uses a form of citation that is consistent and provides the researcher with sufficient information to find the information cited. There are anumber of online applications that can generate the proper form of citations according to the various Style Sheets. Some of these popular tools that generate bibliographic citations are:



What is Bibliographic Instruction?

Bibliographic instruction (BI), also called library instruction, or library orientation, is designed to teach users how to use the library’s resources and find information quickly and effectively. It covers such topics as library services, information resources and the electronic and print-based tools used to find information. Below are some links to tutorials and guides on these topics.

KOHA Catalog Tutorials

How to search Ebsco’s databases in TexShare

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