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Class III

The following 19 TSTC employees have been accepted into Class III of the TSTC Leadership Institute (2012-13):


Edna Claus, Division Director, Computer Information Systems
Sharon Farias, Executive Assistant, Office of the President


Nathan Cleveland, Instructor
Hubert Staten, Director, Residence Life
Natalie Strahan, Director, Learning Resources


Jay Maler, HOD Executive, Compliance & Reporting


Kelly Contella, HOD Consultant
Chris Gropp, Director, Recruiting Services
Cindy Kimbrell, Division Director, Computer Graphics Instructional Division
Christine Kinslow, Faculty Assistant, Social & Behavioral Sciences
Michelle Rachels, Director, Campus Living

West Texas

Jennie Alcantar, Director, Industrial Training (Abilene)
Donna Hill, Associate Professor, Software & Business Accounting (Breckenridge)
Austin Mullins, Instructor, Automation & Robotics (Sweetwater)
Troy Williamson, Director, Faculty Development (Abilene)

Throughout the next year, these TSTC learning team members will have the opportunity to explore, enhance, and exercise their leadership skills through study of leadership, participation in an online discussion thread, practicing public speaking, developing their professional leadership development plan, and leading TSTC through a project of significance. 

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