TSTC is committed to providing highly specialized and advanced technical education that can lead to great career opportunities. We currently offer over 100 certificate and degree programs state-wide.

TSTC students come from more than 100 counties across the state. They arrive right out of high school, transfer from other colleges or from the workforce.

While we are proud that TSTC's education is affordable and a high return on your investment, we realize financial aid is the only option for some students.

At TSTC we understand your ultimate goal is a career you're passionate about and will make you the money you want to enjoy your life! Our goal is to help you be successful.

TSTC has been providing top-quality, career-driven education for Texans for close to 50 years. The college is nationally recognized for the number and quality of our technology graduates.

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Organizational Context & Challenges

Key Stats, TSTC West Texas

Total Awards Granted, FY 2009

(Unduplicated Students Receiving Rewards)

Abilene 63
Brownwood 56
Sweetwater  179
  Total 339






Fall 2010 Enrollment

Abilene 401
Breckenridge  251
Brownwood 271
Sweetwater  537
  Total 1,460






Total Faculty, Fall 2010

91 (100% full time)

Total Staff, Fall 2010

242 (75% full time)

To aid candidates in understanding the current organizational context of Texas State Technical College System, the following information is offered. TSTC is in the midst of organizational transformation critical to the future success of the institution, its students, and the state of Texas.  Central to this transformation is a new “success only” culture characterized by a community of leaders and learners known and valued for their –

  • Innovation: Creating and implementing new ideas and methods.

  • Responsiveness: Providing appropriate programs and services in a proactive, flexible, and timely manner.

  • Leadership: Developing the visions and strategies for a desired future, and aligning and energizing people to achieve those visions.

  • Excellence: Achieving the highest quality in all we do.

  • Collaboration: Working cooperatively with other organizations and within our own system.

  • Accountability: Measuring our performance and using the results for improvement.

  • Stewardship: Ensuring our programs and services add value to our students and communities throughout the state, and operate in accordance with the public trust for which we are responsible.

Challenges for Incoming President

The incoming president will arrive in an organization pursuing bold changes. TSTC West Texas already holds a pioneering spirit and takes leadership in the discovery and design of TSTC's new paradigm for higher education. The agenda for the next generation of leadership will include but not be limited to the following challenges and opportunities:


Innovation. TSTC must develop complementary new and innovative streams of revenue that leverage its uniqueness and that fulfill its legislatively designated purpose. The next president will lead the college in innovation by provoking change, creating safe spaces for invention, and unleashing the power of the team to solve problems and create opportunities.


Execution of Strategy. TSTC is dedicated to graduating a higher rate of students, changing our focus from gross headcount to a focus on throughput. TSTC will also ensure that our student completers possess relevant skills to the then-current workforce needs of Texas. This will be evidenced by maintaining its excellent job placement rate. The incoming president’s ability to align strategy, operations, and resources will be essential in leading the college to increased expectations in terms of performance and focus in these areas. Consistent with this success agenda, TSTC’s “New Paradigm” features a new common curricula, skills validation, and project-based delivery of learning model to enable TSTC to remain true to its mission and its vision of being “the leader in building the economic vibrancy of Texas by striving to develop the technical competence of all Texans.”  To date, TSTC is well on its way to implementing the new learning model by Fall 2011, having already collaborated system-wide on curricula in six industry clusters and broad adoption of project-based learning.


The new learning model is supported by a value-based funding model which focuses on our students’ success as measured by success in the workplace, and the economic development of the state as measured by completer contribution to the state via taxes.  


Financial Leadership. The economic realities facing higher education require new, creative leadership in terms of financial leadership.  The current system of funding higher education is deemed by many to be unsustainable in the long-term and that changes in the higher education sector are inevitable. TSTC will prioritize its programs toward those workforce needs that have the highest economic impact to the State of Texas. In addition, TSTC will consistently improve its operational efficiencies by focusing more resources on its results-producing capacities and less on non-productive or duplicative overhead functions. The incoming president will need to demonstrate financial acumen to realize high returns on the College’s investments.


Brand Ownership. TSTC must exploit its size and excellence in a manner that benefits all students at all locations. As an integral member of the TSTC System executive team, the next president will share in the successes, or failures, of all TSTC colleges. Consequently, the president will represent TSTC brand to the West Texas region by finding new venues for workforce training, such as strategic partnerships with industry and with other schools and colleges.


Culture Champion. TSTC must attract and retain talented employees who will effectively and efficiently provide the appropriate type and scope of training that will help students fulfill their career goals. The new president will need to build a healthy, sustainable organization by recruiting, retaining, and developing a talented executive team. The incoming president will lead the shaping of TSTC West Texas culture. The following statements describe our relationships with learners in the aspired culture:

  • We believe every learner (student/employee/industry partner) is valuable, worth investing in, and has enormous potential.
  • We believe the value of serving others provides a reason for our work as we learn to give, not just receive, and contribute value, not just to do a job.
  • We will support and invest in your success.  We will explain what is required and where you stand.  We will value your contributions.
  • We will act honorably and use good judgment.  We will trust where we are going.  We will initiate, act, and be accountable.  We will develop the gifts and talents of our students and team.

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