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Inaugural Class

The Inaugural Class of the TSTC Leadership Institute includes:

Keri Gutierrez Director of Marketing
Linda Rodriguez Guillen Director Procurement Mgt. & HUB Coordinator
Valerie Terry Instructor, Communications & Humanities
April Graham Associate Vice President Learning Success
Colleen Halupa Project Manager & Instructor, Workforce Development
Carol A. Smith Supervisor, Accounting
Charlene A.Canaris Administrative Assistant
Carmen Keiningham Administrative Assistant
Kaki Leyens Associate Vice Chancellor STE(A)M
Aprilsue Grulick Faculty Professional Development Officer
Lucy Price Success Coach, Retention & Job Placement Services
Karen J. Stevens Senior Instructor, CNS
Mary Daniel Dir/Div Chair,Cul Arts, Agric Tech, & Foundations Prog
Raquel Rios Admissions Advisor, Brownwood
Janyth Ussery Virtual World Instructor, Trainer, & Developer

TLI Inaugural Class Bios 


Networking with Colleagues
The WLI project helped me to network throughout the system. Even the Harlingen group of ladies got closer. We would go to lunch and learned a lot about each other. Valerie is faculty and I had no reason to communicate with her prior to this project and I’ve been able to meet a really nice person and find out about her world. -- Keri Gutierrez, Inaugural learning team member, TSTC Harlingen


The class has chosen for their project, to promote the TSTC values throughout our System. We will all benefit from the hard work of this group and the purposeful practice of the TSTC values:

  • Innovation
  • Responsiveness
  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Stewardship

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