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TSTC Leadership Institute

TSTC Leadership Institute

Vision for the TSTC Leadership Institute (TLI)

The TSTC Leadership Institute is dedicated to developing leadership at all levels. In this year-long facilitated program, class participants have the opportunity to explore, enhance, and exercise their own leadership potential in fostering a success only learning environment for students, colleagues, and themselves. Through this Institute, TSTC demonstrates its commitment to continuous learning, as TSTC cannot personify an organization of change without developing the adaptive leadership capacity of its own people.


Developing Leaders at All Levels

If you feel like you aren’t in a leadership title role, I would say to you that going through the TSTC Leadership Institute helps you see that each and every one of us is a leader regardless of title. Going through leadership development is a rewarding process regardless of what your position or title, and you will learn and grow from this process. – Heather Karl, Senior HOD Associate, TLI Class IV  

Strategy/Purpose of the TSTC Leadership Institute

Participants will

  • Be able to identify attributes such as visible artifacts, espoused values, and assumptions of the TSTC culture and leadership within the culture

  • Become familiar with how to create a vision and inspire others to catch the vision

  • Develop strategies for leading by example, authentically

  • Establish a personal vision, create goals and make career decisions for success

  • Explore leadership and match leadership strategies to organizational strategies

  • Identify individuals who can mentor by influencing, inspiring, and being a source of accountability for personal leadership development

  • Identify ways to incorporate a family feel at work in developing a strong TSTC community

  • Incorporate fun/understand the importance of fun in successful leadership

  • Participate in and thus learn to create a culture of trust in which individuals recognize they are valued

  • Practice encouraging the heart, and recognizing others

  • Practice leading as an individual and team in accomplishing clear results that benefit the organization

  • Prioritize and balance the demands of their present jobs while taking opportunities to assume leadership roles

  • Recognize the importance of adaptive change for success – for the individual and the organization



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