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Today’s Problem:

The skills gap is widening in today’s economy. However, the focus is no longer on a lack of jobs, but instead on the employer’s challenge to find qualified, skilled workers to fill available positions.

     U.S. economy down 2.4 million jobs since 2008 and yet there are 3.8 million job openings – close to a five year high.

      “The issue of workforce training is among the most important currently confronting the United States.” 
                                                                                                -Edward Alden, Council on Foreign Relations 

      Today’s Solution:

      Form a valuable partnership with Workforce Development at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) to create a competitive advantage for your organization through our TSTC FAST Trac® Training Model:

      • Flexible training meeting industry needs when, where and how businesses need it

                    Check mark graphic  Their schedule
                    Check mark graphic  Their preferred location 
                     Check mark graphic Their desired format

      • Advanced training beyond TSTC’s regular coursework

                      Check mark graphic   Using advanced equipment and training materials
                      Check mark graphic Hands-on training to the highest standards

      • Specifically adapted to meet employer’s needs

                      Check mark graphic Work with TSTC subject matter experts to tailor specific training program
                      Check mark graphic Training can be tailored to the individual employee’s skill level

      • Targeted to the needs of Texas Businesses

                       Check mark graphic Diversified Manufacturing
                       Check mark graphic Aerospace
                       Check mark graphic Energy
                       Check mark graphic Supply Chain Operations


      Our TSTC FAST Trac® Training Model provides your team members with the technical skills and knowledge they need to improve performance, productivity and profitability for your firm.

      Select from our many offerings including:

      Ag Aviation (TSTC in Waco)

      Airframe & Powerplant (TSTC in Abilene)


      Industrial Maintenance




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