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Two Years Is All You Need

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So you're probably wondering, "Two years is all you need to do what?"

Well, how about two years is all you need to change your life. That's a pretty bold statement, but literally (or technically in our case) you can earn a degree at TSTC in two years or less to help you get a great-paying job doing what you love. 

And who doesn't want a great-paying job? In fact, only 19 percent of us are comfortable with our rate of pay. You're reading this thinking you're not in that 19 percent. 

But you can be.

With a degree from TSTC, you can be on your way to a better career and a comfortable paycheck. And with nearly 70 programs of study, you're sure to find something that interests you.


You can do it in two years, if that. An associate degree will take 20 months to complete, certificates even less. Think about it. The average person lives 79 years. Two years out of the rest of your life isn't much, but you definitely need to commit to it. 


The choice is yours--in two years you can still be thinking about it, or you can already have your TSTC degree and a new career. So what are you waiting for? Apply today or schedule a tour at one of our 10 campuses across the state. 

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