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Texas State Technical College SOS - Human Resources

HR 2.1.11Reduction in Force
HR 2.1.12Ethics and Standards of Conduct
HR 2.1.14Equal Opportunity in Employment and in College Admission and Attendance
HR 2.1.15Veteran's Employment Preference
HR 2.1.16Former Foster Children Employment Preference
HR 2.1.17Chancellor/Chief Executive Officer Search
HR 2.1.4Nepotism
HR 2.1.9Faculty and Executive Contracts
HR 2.2.10Staff Compensation
HR 2.2.1Wage & Salary Administration & Employee Transfer
HR 2.2.3Employee Performance Appraisals
HR 2.2.7Employee Orientation Periods
HR 2.2.8Compensation for Overtime
HR 2.2.9Faculty Compensation
HR 2.3.5SORM - Workers Compensation Insurance
HR 2.3.9Sick Leave Pool Administration
HR 2.3.12Employee Leaves and Holidays
HR 2.3.13Family and Medical Leave
HR 2.3.14Return-to-Work Program
HR 2.3.18Release Time
HR 2.4.1Employee Corrective Action
HR 2.4.5Racial Harassment
HR 2.4.8Prohibit Workplace Violence
HR 2.4.13Smoking Policy
HR 2.4.14Conflict Resolution - Complaints
HR 2.4.15Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct and Gender-based Discrimination
HR 2.4.4AIDS/HIV in the Workplace and Learning Environment
HR 2.5.1Civil Rights Protections and Compliance
HR 2.5.2Americans with Disabilities Act
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