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Strategic Plan Goals with Objectives

Goal 1.   Quality learning experience

Objective 1.1. Deliver programs of study that meet the needs of the Texas workforce.

Objective 1.2.  Use innovative instructional methodologies, learning environments, and delivery options.

Objective 1.3.  Use partnerships to expand pathways for workforce readiness and academic success.

Objective 1.4.  Increase persistence, retention, transfer, and graduation rates.

Objective 1.5. Continuously improve academic achievement and student satisfaction.

Objective 1.6.  Maintain a technology-current, effective student learning environment.

Goal 2.   Fulfilling college experience

Objective 2.1.  Integrate personal, social, and professional skills for transition into the global community.

Objective 2.2.  Provide student support services that are accessible, effective and efficient.

Objective 2.3.  Promote diversity while building a welcoming, engaging, safe, and inclusive community.

Objective 2.4.  Develop the whole person by facilitating and supporting health and wellness.

Objective 2.5. Provide for meaningful participation of faculty, staff, and students in governance matters.

Objective 2.6. Effective information exchange within college community.

Goal 3.   Stewardship of institutional resources

Objective 3.1.  Responsibly manage institutional resources (fiscal resources)

Objective 3.2.  Develop and retain employees and recruit qualified employees (human resources).

Objective 3.3.  Enhance facilities to increase workforce development and to meet changing needs.

Objective 3.4.  Enhance the efficient, safe, and innovative use of facility resources.

Objective 3.5.  Continue to seek new funding sources and strengthen institutional advancement efforts.

Objective 3.6.  Maintain a unified College Operational Resilience Plan (ORP).

Goal 4.   Outreach and community service

Objective 4.1.  Focus on strategic enrollment growth.

Objective 4.2.  Strengthen partnerships with business, government, and educational institutions.

Objective 4.3. Promote a positive image of TSTC as a state recognized, success-driven technical college.

Objective 4.4.  Increase community interaction and public visits to the campus.

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