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Get the required courses under your belt and transfer those credits after two years of study to earn an undergraduate degree. Learn the essentials at TSTC and then move on to a four-year college. If you're not sure about a four-year degree, our technical programs can help you get started in a career in less than two years.
Continue Your Studies at any Four-Year College or University in Texas

After receiving an associate degree at TSTC, there are many opportunities to pursue your academic course of study in Texas. There are over 90 four-year colleges and universities in Texas, and TSTC partners with many of them.

Check out our University Transfer page to make your transition easier.

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You'll assist teachers and be on track to lead your own classroom.
NOW FULLY ONLINE! Engineering is a career for the person who takes things apart to see how they work even when they are not broken.
With an associate degree, you will be prepared to move into numerous science-oriented fields of study or industry.
Workforce Training
TSTC Workforce Training offers non-credit courses for those who want to update their skills without enrolling in traditional college classes.
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Make transferring easy
Transferring tips

Before you enroll in any college courses at any institution that you plan to transfer to, know what you’re getting into. College for All Texans has a great resource for transferring tips. They explain step by step how to prepare for transferring credits to another college.

Our university partners

TSTC has partnered with some of the best Texas universities and community colleges across the state. Our agreements with these colleges allow you to transfer individual courses or even entire degrees. Be sure to look at our list of university partners to make your transfer easier.

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