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Do you have an eye for design? Blend your creative skills with technology and develop impressive visuals to tell a story, create an ad or build compelling online content. Learn industry tools to build your skills and your portfolio. Our internship opportunities will help provide you with actual on-the-job experience.

Every ad, sign or visual display was designed by someone with graphic and visual design skills. Job opportunities in advertising and marketing are growing, and those with skills in web and mobile technology will have even more career opportunities. If you love design and creating visual communications, then it’s a great field to get into. In Texas, the average salary for a graphic designer is around $49,450.

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Digital Media Design
Warning: This page contains graphic information that may be suitable for your career.
Visual Communication Technology
Your brain is hard-wired to absorb and comprehend images much faster than text. Create visual communications that inform, educate and persuade.
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Our Career Services team takes your future seriously. We work diligently to connect our highly skilled students and alumni to our ever-growing network of companies across the state. That’s why Texas State Technical College boasts such a high job placement rate.

Our staff also provides comprehensive career planning services. We help with resume and cover letter writing, job search, interviewing techniques, phone etiquette, and any other skill you need to land a great job. And with hire TSTC, our private online job board, students and grads have exclusive access to the best jobs in the state.

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Whether you’re a high school student, a full-time worker looking to make a career switch, or you took some time off from TSTC and are ready to come back, getting started is easy.

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