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Where wisdom counts.

About 75 percent of the population is afraid of the dentist. But don’t worry; this career won’t hurt a bit.

Make a great impression.

The dental industry is evolving rapidly. Whether you’re in the lab, performing cleanings or assisting chairside, the work you do will save lives. The medical community has confirmed direct links between oral hygiene and overall health. Don’t you want to help people live longer and keep their own teeth?

In any of these dental pathways you’ll be working directly with the public, so you’ll need to be friendly and polite and able to work well under pressure, be quick and efficient, good at listening to others, concerned about people and able to stay calm in emergencies. Smile, you’re the face of dentistry.

The CPR Certification for this program CANNOT be done online. It must be done in an in-person class.

Requirements to enter the Dental Assistant programs differ from those of other programs. The program requires a separate application. Be sure to read the program requirements for the Dental Assistant program before enrolling. 


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