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The Process

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Workforce Training & Continuing Education has designed the process of workforce training with simplicity in mind.  The process begins when you reach out to our department to discuss a training request.  You will first meet with one of our Business Relationship Managers (BRM's) to discuss your training needs and then a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to further discuss specific subject matter training, location of training and measurable outcomes that will benefit your business without interfering with your company’s daily workflow.

Our BRM and SME will work with our instructors to develop a training program that will be reviewed by your company for approval. Once training has been approved, a price quote for training will be created and submitted to you for approval.

Training commences once a contract has been successfully signed with TSTC Workforce Training & Continuing Education.  Grant applications are processed and submitted at this point (if applicable).  Finally, the training is scheduled and performed, by one of our trainers or through one of our partner organizations. Once the training has been completed, exit meetings with TSTC Workforce Training & Continuing Education will be held to discuss the outcomes of your training.

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