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Welding Technology
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Kenny Moore
voice: 956.364.4814
fax: 956.364.5191

  Mailing Address:
TSTC Harlingen
1902 Loop 499
Harlingen, TX 78550
The Welding Technology office is located in the Industrial Technology Building, room I-121.
  Office Hours:
M-F: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat., Sun.: Closed

NOTICE: It is important for prospective Welding Technology (WLT) Program students to understand that meeting admission requirements to be admitted to TSTC-Harlingen as a general student with a WLT major code does not mean that the student has been accepted for full continuance in and completion of the WLT program. Applications for the WLT program  must ALSO make a formal application to the Welding Technology Program by June 21, 2015 and fulfill all other requirements described below to be considered as an applicant.

 2015 Welding Application

 Focus2 Assessment

The Welding industry presents a continuously growing and changing series of opportunities for skilled fabricators and welders. Even with economic fluctuations, the job outlook for skilled craftsmen is positive. Due to a steady growth in the demand for goods fabricated by welding,new welders are needed in every area of welding such as small shops,specialty fabrication shops,large industries,and construction. The student who is preparing for a career in welding will need to

  • Have excellent hand eye coordination
  • Work well with tools and equipment
  • Know the theory and application of the various welding and cutting processes
  • Be able to follow written and verbal instructions
  • Work with or without close supervision
  • Have effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Be able to resolve basic mathematical problems
  • Work well individually and in groups
  • Read and interpret welding drawings and blueprints
  • Be computer literate
  • Be alert and work safely

The Welding Technology Program at TSTC Harlingen offers a Certificate of Completion and an Associate of Applied Science Degree that focuses on the theory and application of Oxy/Acetylene and Plasma Cutting Processes, Shielded Metal Arc, Gas Metal Arc, Flux Cored Arc, Gas Tungsten Arc, Submerged Arc Welding Processes, Welding Metallurgy, and Inspection practices used in industry today. Continuing Education evening classes are available during every semester.

With 120 welding stations and 20 oxyacetylene stations, our faculty fully utilizes laboratory time by emphasizing industrialized training as you master the welding of different joint designs with fillet and groove welds in all positions on plate and pipe, and plan design, fabricate, weld projects using Blueprint Reading and Layout Skills, and perform inspection using destructive and non destructive testing procedures.

Upon Completion of the Welding Technology Program students will:

  • Practice various sophisticated welding processes to include shielded metal arc, gas tungsten arc and gas metal arc
  • Perform fillet and groove welds in all positions
  • Fabricate welded projects

Items of Interest

  • American Welding Society Educational Institution member
  • TSTC Harlingen has a 30-year history in industry-related welding training
  • With 120 welding stations, TSTC Harlingen has one of the largest welding shops in Texas
  • TSTC Harlingen has one of the most versatile facilities in the nation
  • TSTC Harlingen will train welders to meet companies' requirements and specifications
  • Continuing Education evening classes are available at the beginning of each semester

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