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Welcome to our list of course offerings. You can search for specific courses by name, campus, semester, and more by clicking on the arrow tab on the right.  That will bring out the filter that you can use to show certain types or courses or courses from previous semesters.

Click on a course below to view more information like course description, pre-requisites, syllabus, and more. If a syllabus is missing, please contact the TSTC Helpdesk at 800-592-8784 or email us at for assistance.

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Course Identification: Courses at TSTC are identified by a three part code, called the course acronym.

The first part of the acronym is the four letter (all capitals) abbreviation for the department or subject the course is in. For example, ENGL is English and AUMT is Automotive Technology.

The second part of the acronym is the four digit number for the course in that department or subject. These numbers can be repeated by different departments to identify their own courses. For example, there can be an English 1305 course (ENGL 1305) and an Automotive 1305 course (AUMT 1305), but they are not the same course.

The third part of the acronym is the section of that particular course. Since there may be several of the same course being taught in the same semester, but at different times, we need to be able to tell which is which. This third part of the code identifies which section of the same course we are looking at. As an example, we could have ENGL 1305 1001 being taught at 9:00 on Monday, and ENGL 1305 1002 being taught at 2:00 on Thursday. Same course, different sections.

Display Options: By clicking on the arrow on the sidebar to the left of the window, the Display Options sidebar will slide out. This lets you narrow down the list of classes you are looking at or search through that list. The course filtering includes which campus or campuses to view, which semester to view, how to sort the courses, and what day(s) the course meets.

Course Details: To view more information about a course, you can click or touch on a courses entry and the full details will expand below the listing.

Courses per Page: This tells the system how many courses it should show at any given time. If there are more courses to show than what is selected, it breaks the listing up into pages. You can then select which page to view from the page selector at the bottom right of the list.

If there are more than five pages, a slider will be shown in addition to the page selector. The page slider allows for moving quickly through the listing. You can click on a page number to view the desired page.

Search: The search is a general course search, and will only search through the courses that are currently being shown, as determined by your Display Options choices. It will search through the course title, the three parts of the course acronym, and the course instructor.

If you enter more than one search term, such as “ENGL 1301”, there are two ways that the system can match your search. To the right of the search box is a selector that will let you choose between “Or” and “And”.

Using “ENGL 1301” for the examples:

Or: Any of your terms will provide a match. All “ENGL” classes will match, all course numbers of “1301” from all subjects will match, and all section “1301” of all courses will match. You will end up with a large list.

And: All of your terms must be present in a course for that course to be a match. Only courses that have both “ENGL” AND “1301” will match. This will be a much smaller list.

To clear your search, click on “Clear” directly below the “Search” link.

Online Syllabus Requirements

House Bill 2504 – Section 51.974

Online syllabi must satisfy the standards adopted by the institution.

Syllabi must provide a brief description of each major course requirement, including each major assignment and examination, required/recommended reading, and a general description of the subject matter of each lecture or discussion.

Curriculum Vitae Requirements:

House Bill 2504 – Section 51.974

Texas State Technical College curriculum vitae made public on the institution’s Internet website for each regular instructor must list the instructor’s postsecondary education, teaching experience and significant professional publications.

Curriculum vitae made public on the institution’s website may not include personal information, including the instructor’s home address or home telephone number.

To view syllabi or curriculum vitae for a course or instructor, use the filter and/or search to locate the course, or the a course the faculty teaches, and then click the syllabus or CV link for that course. To view archived syllabi or CVs, use the filter to select semesters in the past and then follow the same procedure.

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