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  • Students learn skills that are in demand.
  • Faculty is able to invest in teaching aids and technology to deliver industry-standard education.
  • Industry benefits from a well-trained, skilled workforce.
  • Communities win because citizens have increased their earnings capability and are able to meet growing workforce demands.
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Support students in need

Here at TSTC, we are Texas. Our mission is to supply Texas businesses and industry with skilled, capable employees.  We help build the workforce that is the foundation for a more vital state.

Sometimes our students face challenges like late financial aid, no gas to get to school, or the cost of textbooks and equipment. With your help, they can overcome these hurdles. We want to make sure our students reach their goals and achieve their overall potential.

Help them stay on the path to success. Support our growth, our students, and Texas.

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TSTC students thrive with additional support they receive from you.
"Helping to take some of the financial burdens off of these students and allow them to focus on their work, studies and families has been critical in allowing many students to complete the program."

Marcus Balch
Provost for TSTC in North Texas
Meet Edna
Edna Posada

“I was confident in my skills because of the hands-on training.”

Edna comes from a humble background but wanted to continue her education; it’s always been important to her. She chose TSTC because it was close to home and offered programs she was interested in. She quickly realized that not only was she getting a great education, but her instructors were also welcoming. Edna notes that her instructors made sure “you were successful and that you knew what you were doing once you graduated.”

After graduation, Edna got a good job but soon realized she was an entrepreneur at heart. Using her savings, she took the plunge and launched her own business. Today she owns three cosmetic franchises, two spa locations, a boutique, a barbershop, and an online store.

Edna credits TSTC with giving her the perspective she needed to build a business using IT to manage multiple locations. Her education has been crucial to her ability to stay ahead and remain profitable. And she finds it very fulfilling to give back to her community and mentor young men and women.

Edna Posada
TSTC Graduate
Industrial Data Processing Technology

Support others
like Edna

“When I fell on hard times I nearly dropped out because I didn’t have a way to get to school. But today, I’m a TSTC graduate thanks to the Snyder Helping Hands scholarship!”

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Priscilla Walker
Environmental Technology

“The Snyder Helping Hands scholarship provided me with a home, a place where I could rest and study, while I pursue my dream of becoming a welder.”

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Damian Salinas
Welding Technology


Scholarships can relieve the financial burdens many of our students face and let them focus on their school work.

We want TSTC students to reach their goals and realize their potential. Help them on the path to success.

A scholarship can be a great way to support an area you’re particularly interested in.

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The TSTC Foundation enhances TSTC’s ability to offer new and emerging technology programs.

Our support:

Improves student success.
Strengthens the technology of the labs.
Provides flexibility to shift priorities in Texas’ evolving workforce.

The TSTC Foundation

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to foster relationships with Texas leaders and alumni to support TSTC’s visionary success. Working together with the TSTC Regents and Chancellor, we are committed to:

  • Collaborating with TSTC leadership.
  • Building relationships and partnerships.
  • Encouraging financial support.
  • Providing credible advocacy.

The TSTC Foundation supports TSTC’s 10 campuses across the state, its students, career programs, faculty and staff. Our purpose is to support the critical needs of students (scholarships, hardships, tools and equipment) and provide funds to enhance our ability to provide new and emerging technical programs to support the Texas workforce. This support is used to help improve student success, strengthen the technology of labs, as well as to provide flexibility to the priorities of the college to support the state’s growing workforce demands.

Board of Directors

Mac Abney
Jessica Toney
Roland Adamson
Jonathan Newton
Charlie Rigney
Charlie Hervey
Dr. Harold Rafuse
Derek Benavides
Jerold Nichols

East Texas


Immediate Past Chairman
North Texas


1st Vice Chairman
Fort Bend


West Texas


Central Texas


Assistant Treasurer
South Texas


Central Texas


South Texas


North Texas

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