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Our campus in Harlingen is rich in culture with an emphasis on student success.
Our campus in Harlingen is rich in culture with an emphasis on student success.
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You’ll find the faculty and staff at TSTC in Harlingen are committed to preparing students for the workforce by providing personal and professional development through a combination of technical and academic delivery, relevant student services, talent development organizations, and other career-building activities. TSTC in Harlingen uses institution-wide coordinated planning to assure program vitality for today’s industrial and academic demands and tomorrow’s workforce challenges. We also provide customized training in partnership with industry leaders to provide talent development for their current employees. Our programs here combine technical and academic courses and provide opportunities for immediate employment, upgrading the skills of our current workforce and seamless transfer credits to other colleges and universities. Earn an Associate of Science (AS), an Associate of Applied Science (AAS), or technical certificates of completion, and workforce certificates. This is one of our larger campuses and there are many programs offered at this location.
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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1902 N. Loop 499
Harlingen, TX 78550
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latest news
March 20, 2023
TSTC celebrates leaders during Women’s History Month
(HARLINGEN, Texas) – In observance of Women’s History Month, Texas State Technical College honors three women who shine in exemplary leadership positions for their contributions to TSTC. The TSTC representatives are Police Lt. Gloria Ruiz, Cledia Hernandez, TSTC’s associate vice chancellor for External Relations...
March 20, 2023
TSTC Workforce Training and Continuing Education Maritime Welding program fills need of Texas workforce
(HARLINGEN, Texas) – The Texas State Technical College Workforce Training and Continuing Education Maritime Welding program has helped train students since its inception in 2021. Individuals learn tough technical concepts during an eight-week period to prepare for the Texas workforce, and to alleviate concerns...
career pathways career pathways
Top industries and programs
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01General Education

Get the required courses under your belt and transfer those credits after two years of study to earn an undergraduate degree. Learn the essentials at TSTC and then move on to a four-year college. If you're not sure about a four-year degree, our...

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Education & Training
You'll assist teachers and be on track to lead your own classroom.
NOW FULLY ONLINE! Engineering is a career for the person who takes things apart to see how they work even when they are not broken.
02Allied Health

If you love helping others, then this is the career for you. Health care careers are in high demand, and you can build your skills at TSTC. Whether you want to work in a hospital or another medical setting, this career path will lead you to a well...

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You've found a career with a healthy outlook. Allied health professionals are in big demand in Texas.
Emergency Medical Services
The sounds of a siren and rotating red lights are your call to action. The difference between life and death rests in your ability to assess and act under pressure during a crisis.

The sky's the limit at TSTC! Learn from seasoned instructors on high-tech equipment, and launch yourself into a career that has sky-high potential. Learn how to fly at the largest airport in the U.S. that is operated by an educational institution....

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Aircraft Pilot Training Technology
With more than 12.1 million annual take-offs and landings, the aviation industry is booming in Texas. We will help your career to lift off.
Aircraft Powerplant Technology
It's true: Texas employs the highest number of aviation mechanics in the country.
04Business & Professional Office

If you’re all about business and want to take your skills to the next level, then this is the course for you. You will learn how to manage office operations, balance the books and run daily business operations so that you will be indispensable to ...

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Business Management Technology
You're all about numbers and organization. You're a special breed, indeed.
05Computer & Information Technology

Program yourself into a new career, with several different options! From learning how to do computer networking to becoming a cybersecurity wizard, our computer and information technology courses will help land you a skilled job in a growing field.

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Computer Programming Technology
The Computer Programming Technology program is 100% ONLINE!
Train to use cyber security tools, analyze security events, and implement security measures.
06Construction & Maintenance

Put your work boots on and learn the nuts and bolts of operating and maintaining systems and facilities. Get a handle on HVAC, electrical construction or facilities management, and build the skills you need to learn a trade that will lead to a wel...

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Building Construction Technology
You can build anything. Start by building your dream career.
HVAC Technology
There's no one more popular than an A/C repair person in the Texas summers.
07Engineering & Manufacturing

Texas is one of the top states for manufacturing because of its valuable assets — a vast reserve of natural resources, premier research institutions, a friendly business environment and a skilled workforce. (That’s where we come in.) Manufacturing...

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Precision Machining Technology
If you're into computers and tools, this will be the right fit for you. You'll cut, grind, shear and shape your way into a machining career.
Electrical Power & Controls
With the looming retirements of baby boomers, there is a growing need for trained professionals in this field.
08Environmental & Safety

Harness the wind or electricity and learn how to manage these powerful forces. These well-paid careers are in high demand. At TSTC, you can build skills using state-of-the art training facilities to become a lineworker or an environmental technici...

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Occupational Safety & Environmental Compliance
You're a detail-oriented person with the know-how, grit and communication skills to do what it takes to keep the workplace safe and healthy.
Electrical Lineworker & Management Technology
Take your career to new heights in this high-paying industry.

Get your career on the road today with hands-on, state-of-the-art training. Whether it's Automotive Technology, Diesel Equipment Technology, or Auto Collision and Management Technology, we have a program to suit your interests. Partnerships with m...

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Automotive Technology
Some prefer to be behind the wheel, but you prefer to be under the hood.
Diesel Equipment Technology
Texas employs more diesel engine specialists than any other state in the nation, from trucks that deliver goods across the state to engines that power farm and construction equipment.

Take your culinary skills to a professional level in our Culinary Arts program. Learn basic and specialized culinary principles and techniques, and get the hands-on experience that could land you in the culinary job of your dreams. Bon appétit!

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Culinary Arts
The world loves to eat. You love to cook. You've found the right kitchen.
facilities and resources
Facilities & resources

As one of our larger TSTC campuses, you’ll find everything you need to be a successful student. We offer the full suite of resources you’d find at any major university. Set in the beautiful tropical setting of Harlingen, you’ll enjoy walking through campus all year long.

TSTC Welcome Center
The Welcome Center
The Welcome Center is your first stop on your journey at TSTC. The WC also houses our university partners to provide a place for advanced degrees to be offered in our community.
George F. Young Engineering Technology Building
Engineering Technology Center
The Engineering Technology Center hosts several of our most popular programs, including mechatronics, wind energy and biomedical technology.
Harlingen Housing
Student Housing
You can experience Harlingen even if you live elsewhere. We offer student housing options to suit every type of student.
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Campus amenities

As one of our bigger campuses, TSTC in Harlingen offers a wide variety of amenities.  You’ll have full access to our Learning Resource Center, gymnasium, cafeteria, sand volleyball courts, outdoor seating, study rooms, student lounge, basketball courts, and more.  We even have an online campus store for all your TSTC merchandise and supplies.

We encourage you to join in student housing and immerse yourself in new friendships, ideas and experiences.

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More about Harlingen

At TSTC in Harlingen, you’re in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, just 40 miles from the South Padre Island beach and just north of the Mexican border. You will experience the culture that is rich in the RGV area through local restaurants, festivals and more. Whether it’s the beaches on South Padre Island or the shopping in Mercedes, there’s always something to do.

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Find out more information about safety on campus from our Clery Report.

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