End-of-Course Evaluations use a 5 point response scale, where scores closer to 1 indicate very negative student perceptions (strong dissatisfaction or strong disagreement), while scores closer to 5 indicate very positive student perceptions (strong satisfaction or strong agreement). The overall course score represents the average score from the 6 core evaluation items and the overall instructor score represents the average score from the 9 core items in the instructor evaluation form. Average scores for each evaluation item and the proportion of responses for each response option are also provided.

Results are arranged into two drop-down tabs located in the top dashboard header: Course Evaluation and Instructor Evaluation. Course and instructor evaluation data can be filtered by term, campus, department, course, or instructor. When a filter is used, all data displayed in the dashboard will reflect only the options selected within the filters. The response counter on the top right will display how many responses exist based upon the filters used. 

Keep in mind that End-of-Course Evaluations are not a good indicator of how effective an instructor is at teaching or how much students learn in a course. These surveys collectively measure students’ satisfaction with courses and instructors. Students’ experiences and subsequent evaluations can be influenced by many factors unrelated to the quality of teaching or quality of student learning.

End-of-course evaluation results prior to Spring 2023 are found below. To view survey results, you must first select a campus and then a semester. Not all semesters are available for all campuses, so you have to reselect your semester when you change locations.

The question types are broken into four categories. General questions are about TSTC and taking courses there. Instructor questions are about the instructors and how well they taught the course. Web questions are about the online portion of the class. Face-to-Face questions are about the classroom.

The questions are ranked by the students on a points system:

  • 0 = Not applicable
  • 1 = Strongly disagree
  • 2 = Disagree Somewhat
  • 3 = Agree somewhat
  • 4 = Strongly agree
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