Tips for Doing Business with TSTC

  • Register as a Vendor with the State of Texas to be added to the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) and receive notice of solicitations.
  • Respond to requests within the time frame indicated on the solicitation (ex: bid, RFP, etc.).
  • Respond as “No Bid” to bids if the goods and/or services cannot be supplied.
  • Be in good standing with the State Comptroller.
  • Include TSTC’s Purchase Order Number on all invoices and packing slips.
  • Check the ESBD website for bid/proposal postings under Agency Number 719.
  • Avoid delivering goods and/or services without a Purchase Order Number on file.
  • Be knowledgeable of insurance requirements.
  • Register for Direct Deposit and understand the State of Texas Prompt Payment Law.
  • Review the Comptroller’s Vendor Guide to learn how to do business with the State of Texas.


TSTC Contract Management Handbook
Business Partners at TSTC | Procurement Services

HUB Program

In accordance with Texas Government Code, Chapter 2161, Texas State Technical College (TSTC) is, committed to making a good faith effort in contracting with and assisting Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs). TSTC ensures a competitive procurement process that provides fair and equal access to all business.

We will maximize opportunities for Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) firms to supply materials supplies, equipment, and services needed to support the mission and the administrative and logistical operations of the college. For more information and to apply for HUB certification,

For more detailed information or if you have any questions about TSTC’s procurement policies, please contact any of the Procurement Offices listed above.

Our job is to:

  • Purchase goods and services on time while negotiating the best price, quality, and service from our suppliers
  • Process payments in accordance with state mandates
  • Provide travel services to faculty and staff
  • Handle and track inventory
  • Process and deliver purchases and mail promptly

In addition, we look for opportunities for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) to supply materials, supplies, equipment, and services to meet TSTC needs.



Interested in bidding on work with us? Learn more, review open bids, and respond to a bid.


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Credit Card Department

Interagency Report FY 2024

We are providing the following information in compliance with General Appropriations Act, Article IX, Section 7.14, 88th Legislature requiring the public posting of Interagency Contracts valued greater than 10 million dollars.
interagency reportFY24 e1716223544980 - Procurement Services

Contract Transparency Report

We are providing the following information in compliance with Senate Bill 20 provisions requiring the public posting of purchases and contracts. This listing discloses purchase orders and contracts issued by TSTC and provides general information including the method of procurement.

Bid Tabulations and Awards

Archived Solicitations

Look for solicitations closed after April 2020.

Solicitations closed before April 2020:

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