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Our job is to:

  • Purchase goods and services on time while negotiating the best price, quality, and service from our suppliers
  • Process payments in accordance with state mandates
  • Provide travel services to faculty and staff
  • Handle and track inventory
  • Process and deliver purchases and mail promptly

In addition, we look for opportunities for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) to supply materials, supplies, equipment, and services to meet TSTC needs.


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Accounts Payable
Central Receiving/Inventory Control
Contract Administration
Credit Card Department

Contract Transparency Report

We are providing the following information in compliance with Senate Bill 20 provisions requiring the public posting of purchases and contracts. This listing discloses purchase orders and contracts issued by TSTC and provides general information including the method of procurement.

Bid Tabulations and Awards

Archived Solicitations

Look for solicitations closed after April 2020.

Solicitations closed before April 2020:

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