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This is a job that communities, utility companies and businesses need and rely on every day. Lineworker occupations are among the most physically demanding yet highest-paying careers in the nation. Texas employs more than any other state, so you can look up to plenty of job opportunities.


Program Details

In TSTC’s Electrical Lineworker program, you’ll perform practical exercises on the safe use and operation of lineworker climbing gear, equipment and tools. At our campuses, you will practice your skills by climbing electrical poles in our impressive pole yards. You’ll quickly find that you spend most of your time outside rather than in a classroom.

Requirements to enter the Electrical Lineworker Technology program differ from those of other programs; be sure to read the program requirements before enrolling.

Because this program may prepare you for an occupational license, click here to read additional information about HB1508 Occupational License Eligibility.

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Degree Plans

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Fort Bend County Harlingen Marshall Waco
Electrical Lineworker Technology
Associate of Applied Science
20 months
Troy Eads
Angel Toledo
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Electrical Lineworker
Certificate 1
12 months
Troy Eads
Angel Toledo
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