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Only credits that apply toward completion of the student's degree or certificate program can be certified for VA purposes. If you enroll in a course outside of your curriculum and your advisor cannot substitute it for one of the courses within your program, VA will NOT pay for that class. If the college allows substitutions for program requirements, VA will allow course substitutions if they are approved by the college and documented in the student's file.

When you enter school under a certain catalog year that is the curriculum and the catalog year you are to graduate under, unless the proper paperwork is completed by your program chair and the VA Certifying Official.

To be eligible to be certified for remedial course, your Computerized Placement Test Scores or THEA scores must determine the need for the remedial courses.

Courses that are successfully completed may not be certified for VA purposes if they are repeated.

Cooperative Education courses have been approved as Practical Training courses. These courses are approved in clock hours (not term credits).

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