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Faculty Support Services


Our goal: Is for faculty to have a teaching experience at the University Center that is equal to or better than the experience they would have on their home campus. As such the following services are provided:

Faculty Offices: The offices are located on the second floor in room 224. There are four offices currently designated to four participating universities and 8 cubicles/workstations with storage. There are seperate faculty restrooms, shower, lockers, and other amenities available. For accommodations, please contact the Help Desk. Click here for floor plans.

UC Tech Support: The UC Tech Support staff provide supportive services for faculty in the area of technology maintenance, support and assistance, workshops, and facility management. For a list of full services and their description click here.

Room Reservations / Cancellation: Should a faculty member need to reserve an additional room(s) for a class project, information or advising session, click here. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis. Should a faculty member need to cancel a class, please inform UC Tech Support so staff can post the change on its facebook page and the classroom.

Semester Schedule: The semester schedule is finalized two weeks prior to the first day of class and will be made available to faculty on this page. Should you need room information prior to that please contact the UC Tech Support. For the current schedule click here.

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