C4EO develops solutions that capture the skill requirements of industry and aligns them with educational offerings. The result is a more qualified workforce for businesses and better job placement outcomes for graduates. The center is a response to the growing demand for skilled labor created by increasing retirements, global competition for labor, and technological advances.

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SkillsEngine aligns education with the needs of the Texas workforce

When TSTC converted to the outcomes-based funding model, we refocused our attention on the skill and job demands of Texas employers. We recognized that traditional methods of designing curriculum was ineffective and could not keep pace with the evolving skills businesses demanded.

Streamlining the process–and a first for TSTC

We created a new skills data platform called SkillsEngine, along with a web-based application called Calibrate. Together, they match skills with occupations to create job profiles. Educators and industry professionals can easily and quickly validate and customize these profiles online.

The algorithms used in the job profiles are covered in the very first patent held by TSTC.

Revolutionizing curriculum development

Together, SkillsEngine and Calibrate have transformed curriculum development from a costly, inefficient process that can take years to a task that takes only a few hours. As a result, they ensure that the technical skills taught in the classroom match those in today’s rapidly changing work environment.

Calibrate supports a growing number of state and national mandates to improve student employability outcomes and enhance accountability metrics. In Texas, institutions are seeking solutions to the state’s new Higher Education Strategic plan, 60x30TX. This plan charges two- and four-year public institutions with identifying and updating the marketable skills students acquire in each program.

National recognition

The center’s groundbreaking work addressing workforce needs is attracting national recognition. SkillsEngine clients include a host of industries, state agencies, and educational institutions from across the country.

Our client list

In Texas, clients include:

  • Houston Community College
  • Alamo Colleges
  • Collin County Community College
  • Texas Southmost College
  • The Texas Education Agency (TEA)

The TEA is using Calibrate to engage hundreds of industry subject-matter experts to refine the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills across the entire career and technology education (CTE) course catalog, a significant process enhancement for Texas.

For more information, visit the C4EO website.

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