Building Construction Craftsman CER1

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Available at Waco, Harlingen

Building Construction Craftsman CER1 Credits:
Semester 1Credits
Complete the following
CNBT1300Residential and Light Commercial Blueprint Reading3
CNBT1316Construction Technology I3
OSHT1307Construction Site Safety and Health3
CNBT1346Construction Estimating I3
Semester Total 12
Semester 2Credits
Complete the following
CNBT1313Concrete I3
CNBT1315Field Engineering I3
CNBT1450Construction Technology II4
CNBT1453Construction Technology III4
Semester Total 14
Semester 3Credits
Complete at least 6 credits from the following
CNBT1680Cooperative Education - Construction Engineering Technology/Technician6
CNBT1302Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Systems in Construction I3
CNBT2439Construction Technology IV4
Semester Total 6
Degree Plan Credits 32
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