Automation & Controls Technology AAS

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Automation & Controls Technology AAS Credits:
Semester 1Credits
Complete the following
AACT1371Electronics Fundamentals in Automation3
AACT1372Automation Safety and Compliance3
AACT1373Administrative Skills for Technicians3
ACGM3MTHGen Ed Mathematics Elective3
Semester Total 12
Semester 2Credits
Complete the following
AACT1374Electronics Fundamentals in Automation II3
AACT1375Principles of Motion, Measurement and Position I3
AACT1376Intro to Process Control Devices3
ENGL1301Composition I3
Semester Total 12
Semester 3Credits
Complete the following
AACT2371Automation Control Systems Interfacing I3
AACT2376PLC Automation I3
INTC1343Application of Industrial Automatic Controls3
ACGM3HFAGen Ed Humanities/Fine Arts Elective3
Semester Total 12
Semester 4Credits
Complete the following
AACT2374PLC Automation II3
AACT2372Automation Control Systems Interfacing II3
AACT2375Principles of Motion, Measurement and Position II3
INTC2339Instrument and Control Review3
Semester Total 12
Semester 5Credits
Complete the following
AACT2373Factory I/O3
INTC2330Instrumentation Systems Troubleshooting3
ACGM3MNSGen Ed Math/Natural Science Elective3
ACGM3SBSGen Ed Social/Behavioral Science Elective3
Semester Total 12
Degree Plan Credits 60
  • AACT 1374, AACT 1375, AACT 1376 Prerequisite(s): AACT 1371
  • AACT 2371 Prerequisite(s): AACT 1376
  • AACT 2376 Prerequisite(s): AACT 1375
  • AACT 2374 Prerequisite(s): AACT 2376
  • AACT 2372 Prerequisite(s): AACT 2371
  • AACT 2375 Prerequisite(s): AACT 2371
  • INTC 2339 Prerequisite(s): INTC 1343
  • AACT 2373 prerequisite(s): AACT 2376
  • INTC 2330 Prerequisite(s): INTC 1343
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