Aviation Maintenance Technology - Powerplant CER2

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Available at Waco, Harlingen, Abilene

Aviation Maintenance Technology - Powerplant CER2 Credits:
Semester 1Credits
Complete the following
AERM1203Shop Practices2
AERM1205Weight and Balance2
AERM1208Federal Aviation Regulations2
AERM1210Ground Operations2
AERM1414Basic Electricity4
Complete at least 3 credits from the following
AERM1107Aviation Mathematics1
AERM1109Aviation Physics1
AERM1112Aviation Drawings1
AERM1315Aviation Science3
Semester Total 15
Semester 2Credits
Complete the following
AERM1351Aircraft Turbine Engine Theory3
AERM1357Fuel Metering and Induction Systems3
AERM1444Aircraft Reciprocating Engines4
AERM1356Aircraft Powerplant Electrical3
Semester Total 13
Semester 3Credits
Complete the following
AERM1240Aircraft Propellers2
AERM2341Powerplant and Auxiliary Power Units3
AERM2351Aircraft Turbine Engine Overhaul3
Semester Total 8
Semester 4Credits
Complete the following
AERM2234FAA Review - Powerplant2
AERM2352Aircraft Powerplant Inspection3
AERM2447Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Overhaul4
Semester Total 9
Degree Plan Credits 45
  • AERM 1351, AERM 1357, AERM 1444, AERM 1240, AERM 2341 Prerequisite(s): AERM 1109 or AERM 1315
  • AERM 1356 Prerequisite(s): AERM 1314 or AERM 1414
  • AERM 2351 Prerequisite(s): AERM 1351
  • AERM 2447 Prerequisite(s): AERM 1444
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