TSTC Career Services resources

Career Services resources include resume help, interview prep and much more

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – The Career Services department at Texas State Technical College has a simple but powerful mission.

“We’re here to help (our graduates) find a job,” said Jamie Jimenez, a TSTC Career Services associate for the Fort Bend County campus. “Our motto is ‘placing more Texans.’”

The department’s mission aligns with — and enables — a critical part of TSTC’s dedication to providing relevant training for students and getting them into high-quality jobs.

“We want the community support, we’ve got the community support, and we just want everybody to be a part of it and enjoy what we have,” said Judy Cox, a Career Services coordinator for TSTC’s Fort Bend County campus. “If they need upskilled training, we’ve got workforce (training). We’ve got so much to offer on our campus, and it’s only going to get bigger and better in the years to come.”

Career Services offers a number of resources, including help with resume writing, interview preparation, job searches, professionalism and more.

“We assist our students from day one,” Cox said.

Some of the most formative moments that her department shares with students during their time at TSTC happen during employer spotlights, she said.

“It’s been really great for these companies to come in and interact with the students because it gives those students an idea of what the company does,” Cox said.

She gave the hypothetical example of a restaurant chain needing more than just cooks and waitstaff. It often also requires heating, ventilation and air conditioning professionals, cybersecurity experts and more.

“They’ve got a multitude of facets that we at TSTC offer, so you have to think outside the box,” Cox said. “I think that’s one of the best things because you see the lightbulbs going off in their heads.”

Sometimes companies include presentations on soft skills for the students, covering topics like customer service, writing emails, handshakes and the importance of making eye contact.

As students train in the program of their choice, the Career Services team ensures that they have all the skills they need to succeed after they earn their degrees.

Cox and Jimenez often hear back from graduates updating them on their new careers — or looking to hire additional TSTC graduates at their job.

“It’s a whole big circle, and that’s the coolest thing to see — the impact you’ve made, the impact TSTC as a whole has made, and just those relationships that continue on for a lifetime,” Cox said.

TSTC offers resources for graduates even years down the road — including resume retooling for career changes.

“As alumni, that’s one of their perks,” Cox said. “You’re a TSTC family member.”

If graduates are having issues with getting hired, Jimenez steps up, calling them each week to check in and learn more about their career goals. If they earned a welding degree, for instance, then she wants to know what type of welding interests them the most — and what industry they could see themselves in.

“We take that personal touch with them,” she said.

Jimenez has also gone above and beyond in coaching students on interview questions for specific jobs — and even advising one student the night before his interview on what to wear to make a good impression.

“It’s the little things,” she said.

Learn more about TSTC’s Career Services department and the resources it offers at tstc.edu/career-services.

To learn more about TSTC, visit tstc.edu.

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