Waco Computer Networking and Systems Administration

(WACO, Texas) – Computer Networking and Systems Administration is the process of ensuring that the world is connected at any given moment. Texas State Technical College equips students in the program with the skills needed to conquer the ever-growing field.

Department chair Emanuel Palacios has been sharing his vast knowledge of the field with TSTC students for nine years after having spent time working in both information technology and as a systems specialist.

What inspired you to get into education?

Sharing what I know with others has always inspired me. A colleague who I think very highly of said I would do great as an instructor. I didn’t pay much mind to it at the time because I consider myself an introvert. The idea of speaking in front of others made me nervous. But I’ve always had a zeal for helping others, and technology is a passion of mine, so it came much easier than I had imagined when teaching others about technology.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I wholeheartedly enjoy having the opportunity to be a servant and a resource to students and colleagues. Seeing someone accomplish a goal is very gratifying.

Why is Computer Networking and Systems Administration important?

As time progresses, so will technology. It is easy to see the importance of the field, which will continue growing. The demand for skilled technicians to maintain those systems and networks will be par for the course.

Do you have any favorite TSTC memories?

No memory compares to the excitement of success and accomplishment that is witnessed as each student you taught walks the stage at their commencement ceremony.

To learn more about Computer Networking and Systems Administration, visit tstc.edu.




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