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(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Billboards, magazine layouts, and websites are all intricately crafted by graphic designers. Digital Media Design at Texas State Technical College brings those skills to life for students seeking a vibrant career.

Jerry Vavra, TSTC’s statewide department chair for Digital Media Design, explained that while technology makes up a large aspect of the program, the key to crafting the perfect illustration is research.

“A lot of a graphic designer’s job is trying to figure out how people think,” he said. “Analyzing social trends, rebranding, and figuring out what makes a client different are all a part of creating perfect visuals for clients. With great research comes great design.”

In this day and age of social distancing, the online program is a great opportunity for a prospective student who wants to become a graphic designer while still being able to learn from home.

“You can come into the program not even knowing how to draw a circle,” Vavra said. “We teach students the fun stuff.”

He added that job security is something that potential graphic designers can look forward to.

“When you drive around town and see designed billboards, there was a graphic designer behind that,” he said. “The world of graphic design is not going away. If anything, it has become enhanced.”

The end of the spring semester also brings the end of a few student journeys at TSTC, and Vavra has some words of wisdom for Digital Media Design graduates.

“Master your programs, always seek inspiration, and research,” he said. “Your portfolio is everything, so make it a great one. It’s OK to have multiple portfolios that match the jobs you are applying for.”

While graduation celebrations look a little different due to the current pandemic, Vavra reiterated that a student’s sense of accomplishment should not diminish because of it.

“Our design students work very hard at their craft,” he said. “Many hours go into designing for the right person, and I know our graduates are going to continue doing their job well when they start their careers. I can’t wait to see what they design next.”

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